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Jun 20, 2002 05:02 AM


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Does anyone know of any markets that sell vegemite or marmite? I've been real interested in trying the stuff.


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  1. I believe that Cost Plus sells small jars of vegemite. And for marmite, I know that there is an english tea house in Santa Monica, just off Third Street Promenade. They also carry English food stuffs. The name of the place escapes me.
    If you've never had either, a warning...a little goes a long way. Both have a very strong taste!

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    1. re: Karen M.

      the Tudor House on 2nd has Marmite - I just had a toasted crumpet with butter and marmite on it for breakfast yesterday - a liiiiiiitle goes a long way. I think it is superior (of course, I'm Scottish) to the Australian Vegemite.

      1. re: Zoe

        I've seen marmite at Pavillions.

        1. re: Zoe

          I spent a year in New Zealand, so I'm partial to Vegemite. I love the stuff now, but it took me a VERY long time to get used to the flavor.

      2. Surfas Food & Kitchen Supply sometimes stocks Australian Vegemite.

        Surfas 310-559-4770

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        1. re: Marco Polo

          I was there this weekend - they had both vegemite and marmite

        2. Bristol Farms sells Marmite. I like it better than Vegemite. It's a better consistency for spreading on toast.