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Apr 6, 2008 02:29 PM

Good poutine in Toronto?

An american friend of mine is visiting me from L.A., and she insists on having some poutine. I love the dish myself, and frankly, I'm puzzled how I haven't asked this question before on chowhound.

So, where are the good poutines at? I live around YOnge and Bloor, so preferably something not too too too too far.

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  1. Jamie Kennedy, Trevor.

    1. Yeah honestly you won't find the good cheap delicious Quebec-style poutine here, nobody does it the right way. Far better to go for upscale poutine, and JKWB serves the best, I think. Just a nice place in general to take someone from out of town.

      1. why suggest chic places for poutine of all things. It's best when it's done down-home- like as in Quebec.
        I prefer the blue truck on Queen St. near Bay St. when the craving hits occasionally of course.
        Sure it's artery clogging, but's it tasty and a HUGE portion. Don't order large unless your ordering for two.
        I believe a medium poutine is about 4 dollars.


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          SECOND! this is my favorite poutine in the city. don't ignore it b/c it's from a truck, it's way better than those from a poutinerrie

        2. Hopefully not too far away....Dangerous Dan's at Queen & Broadview.

          1. Yes but sorry this is my point, I'm from Quebec, and we don't do it right here in Toronto. Even the blue truck, which is one the better options to be sure, really isn't proper poutine. No chicken gravy, lacking in squeaky cheese curds, etc.

            This is why I'm suggesting going upscale. Believe me if we had our own version of La Banquise here in Toronto I would be all over it.

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            1. re: childofthestorm

              Gimme Au Pied de Cochon's artery-clogging, foie-gras-laced poutine over La Banquise's version any day!