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Apr 6, 2008 02:10 PM

Food at SFO (airport) before flying to Europe?

We have to leave at 10 a.m to get to SFO by 12:30 and our flight to Europe is at 3:30. Last time I did such a thing, I starved and then ate the airline food and then got sick - don't want to do that again! Does anyone have any knowledge about what food is available after you go through security? I've thought of bringing a sandwich, but it's probably illegal and messy to boot. I already know I can't bring my own gin. But we will be hungry, and any suggestions are welcome. We leave from Terminal 1.

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  1. You'll have plenty to choose from, nothing mind blowing but way better then the usual institutional stuff. I usually fly out of Oakland but recently had to fly out of SFO and it was a nice surprise what was available, and the prices weren't jacked up either. I was in Terminal 1, there's a food court with like 10 places. I went to Lori's Diner for a BLT and it was fine and priced reasonably. Others had the burger cooked to order, someone else had some kind of wood fired pizza. Well above a chain level.

    1. I'm sorry I don't know which of these are the best but there certainly is a good selection.
      I believe that Tomokazu got a good review. Check this board.

      1. check your information; if you are leaving from Terminal 1 it is unlikely you are going to Europe directly; perhaps you have a stop somewhere in the US on the way where you can eat? (Nearly all international flights, and some that aren't, leave from the International Terminal). You should also be aware that if you ARE leaving from the International Terminal that there are two security entrances and it not only matters whether the restaurant is beyond security, it matters which security it is beyond.

        In any event, a complete list of all restaurants for SFO can be found at:

        Bringing a sandwich might be messy depending upon the sandwich, but it is not illegal. You can bring through any foods that are not liquid, and then buy bottled liquid (soda or water) once you clear security.

        1. So i've never found much beyond security. There's a burger joint just BEFORE security. I usually eat here before flying international.

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          1. In the international terminal before security, Emporio Rulli has good pressed sandwiches and Harbor Village has dim sum. You can bring these through security.

            Terminal 1 is split up into several smaller areas. There's a decent Japanese noodle shop called Sanraku before you go through by Delta. I've found little worthwhile food past security in Terminal 1; the United terminal is somewhat better.

            You can also call the airline and reserve a special meal (vegetarian, diet, etc) which may be higher quality.

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              Also in the international terminal, Ebisu is solid. The katsu curry is tasty and filling.

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                No doubt - Ebisu is great airport grub - they even hook up vegetarian tempura udon soup!