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Apr 6, 2008 02:10 PM

good inexpensive food in theater district

we will be in ny on tues. eve. we don't want to spend alot of money or get ripped off we like french, italian greek food chinese we always went to ollies when it was open b/c it was so near to the theaters. yes i know thre's one on 42nd st but it is a bit too far for us that nite we will be up around 52nd st. we've eaten in basilica ollies carmines la reserve petra santa etc. none of these have stood out in our minds as places we would necessarily want to return to unles..... we absolutely had to last week we dashed in for pizza which wasn't half bad any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated

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  1. Pam Real Thai is right around there - it's quite good, authentic, and inexpensive, but there is NO atmosphere whatsoever.

    1. I'm amused by the stream of consciousness meets dietary peril message. Ninth Avenue is your safest bet. Try Roberto Passon, and stick to the menu.

      1. try tony's di napoli - i am pretty sure it is on 42nd street (they have another location in the ues). it is very similar to carmine's (family style italian), but a little bet less expensive and better in my opinion! their fettucine alfredo is the best i have probably had anywhere, in my life!

        1. Other ideas: In the 50's, Azuri Cafe (51st btw 9th/10th) is good for middle eastern, Bocca (btw 6th and 7th) has decent italian, Route 66 (56th and 9th) has great salads and some other interesting options, Island Burgers (51st and 9th) has good burgers, chicken sandwiches and salads, Puttanesca (56th and 9th) has unremarkable but not horrible Italian. All of these are pretty reasonably priced as well. Sosa Borella (8th and 51st) is better food (Italian), but it's a little more expensive as well.

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            Just keep in mind that Azuri closes early most nights (like 8pm) and at sundown on Fridays.

          2. Scarlatto at 250 w 47th is very reasonable. Pastas starting at $10(including a very good pumpkin ravioli). Most entrees around $15. Variety of desserts (including molten chocolate)$7. Bread basket served with white bean dip.Very nice atmosphere. Owned by Roberto Passon.
            See menu at:

            250 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036