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Apr 6, 2008 02:02 PM

Blue Room in Cambridge?

I've been won over by their website, but I have never been there. Thinking about going with a group of 8-10 for Mother's Day brunch. Any suggestions/opinions/advice?

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  1. I am a HUGE Blue Room fan; my husband and I go there 3-4X / month, and the food is always very good - satisying, excellent depth of flavor, simple presentations where you taste every ingredient. Grilled meats and fish - cooked well; and everything is fresh!

    I have not been for brunch - so I am not really on topic to your question, but I can vouch for the overall quality of Blue Room. It is one of my favorite restaurants and I would say my "Go To" restaurant of choice for most occasions.

    Others on this site have lauded the brunch; and based on that, I am eager to try it myself. We were in this past week and were noticing the "Best Brunch Award" plaques on the wall outside in the hallway. I am sure others who *have* been to brunch will chime in on this - but I say Blue Room is a very high quality place - and you are bound to be happy there for brunch!!

    1. Brunch at the Blue Room is buffet style with a great selection of salads, grilled meats, eggs, bacon, waffles as well as a desert table. Never had a good Bloody Mary there, but they have other brunch cocktails that are very tasty. Mother's Day Brunch there is extremely popular so it can be a bit hectic and the lines for the food can be a bit long.

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        Agree on the Bloody Mary- I like mine with kick and these were undrinkable for two of us- the other two were Ok with it. What other brunch cocktails would you recommend?

        We were there for Easter brunch and were very pleased. I didn't feel the lines were awful- maybe a bit long at one point but through the seating there was enough ebb and flow that we wouldn't have had to wait on line if we hadn't wanted too. None of the aforementioned waffles but there were pancakes and eggs, which was pretty much it for breakfast foods. The rest was all savory stuff, which was fine by me- the brisket was especially heavenly (and we all appreciated the irony of the braised rabbit on easter which was VERY good!) And the dessert table had some absolutely lovely cookies- both chocolate chip and some coconut macarons (not macaroons) that were light and airy... even the non-coconut lovers were looking for seconds. Wonderful staff as well.

      2. Excellent brunch, most entree's are very creative and flavorful, Once I didn't even make desserts because everything else was so good. Definately make a reservation and fast the day before..

        1. The brunch is very good, as pp have said. Just a warning...when I went they had more lunch-y, entree-type dishes than breakfasty things. That was fine with me, but if you're expecting a lot of eggy, waffly type things, you might be disappointed.

          1. For a long time this was our go-to spot for birthdays. I've always been happy with it and as previous CHers have said it is lunch heavy but there is still platefuls of bacon, grits, and eggs to be had at the end of the buffet. Even though its a buffet everything is cooked fresh and they are constantly replenishing the dishes. No huge silver trays of tepid bland food here.
            I remember one of my friends walking back to the table with me with his plate of food saying "I've got six kinds of meat on my plate, so I'm all set."