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Apr 6, 2008 01:33 PM

Use for Freezer-Burn Shrimp

I have about 1.5 pounds of medium shrimp in my freezer. It's been there for months. I'm guessing it's suffering from some freezer burn by now. I don't want to throw the bag away, but also don't want to eat something that doesn't taste good.

Do you have any suggestions for a recipe in which I could use the shrimp, but would have enough other ingredients to mask the freezer-burn taste?


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  1. My dogs like them :)

    I wonder if, at least, you can use the shells for stock?

    1. I tend to overstock my freezer than not use stuff right away so have run up against this problem before. I used some freezer burned fish/shrimp in a fish chowder, either creamy or manhattan style and thought it was fine. I am sure some people would disagree but since it won't hurt you I figured it was worth a try and it worked.

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        I like the idea of hiding the shrimp in a chowder. You need to do something to mask the taste and texture of freezer burn. How about grinding up the shrimp into paste and putting it in dumplings with ground pork? Like Chinese dim sum.

        Whatever you do, always test with a small batch first, in case you can't tolerate it. No use wasting a lot of good ingredients on bad food.

        I greatly sympathize. I have a bad habit of forgetting things in the freezer. I am in the process of spring cleaning out the kitchen. Maybe with a clean slate, I'll stop this terrible habit.

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          I like the dumpling idea. Think I have to run downstairs and check my freezer for shrimp as I have wonton wrappers in the fridge! Great idea.

          I really try to eat what I have in the freezer but can never seem to get it to empty as I have a need to fill it back up again! Drives my husband crazy. I just made a huge batch of pozole yesterday and we had to find room for three large containers in the freezer!

      2. How about a scampi (my personal fave). The garlic may help. Or possibly steamed with Old Bay. Or maybe try grilling them after marinating in a little soy sauce, oil, red pepper flakes and garlic. Alternate the shrimp with pineapples on a kabob. Grilling helps most anything taste good......

        I can't believe you were able to leave shrimp alone for that long. I go through two pounds a week :)

        1. I have just found 2 lbs of lrg prawns that thank to this site is now going to be turned into a pumpkin curry dish i read abt in local paper. more later along with reciepe if works . thks everyone

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          1. re: UCDriver

            Please do post the recipe. I was thinking about making a pumpkin curry tonight and it so happens I also have a stash of shrimp in the house.

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              I have some frozen flounder in the freezer that is a bit past it's prime. Been wondering what to do with it, just might try a curry too. I'd also like to see your recipe.

            2. I know this is an ancient thread but make shrimp on sugarcane