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Apr 6, 2008 01:16 PM

Low Sodium groceries/eats

For all of us that are on a low sodium diet because we have to be or by choice , lets use this topic to help eachother find products and stores where we can find these items.
Ill start by adding whole foods , they have a low sodium organic pasta sauce made by daves gourmet its really chunky and has a great taste , for half a cup it has 125mg , daves gourmet also makes hot sauces , i also really like eating corn tortilla chips with salsa and they have unsalted kettle style tortilla chips with 2mg per serving made by Garden Fresh Gourmet , and a salsa with 90mg per 2 tablespoon serving , they used to have a great chipotle salsa with pinneaple with only 40 mg per serving made by coyote cocina , i havnt seen it there in a while.
Whole foods also carries a great tasting low sodium tuna , and i also found low sodium tuna packed in water at no frills.As far as bread goes i usually make my own in a bread machine , or ill pick up an unsalted loaf at tre mari bakery on st.clair and lansdowne.
One thing i havent had much luck in is cheese , ill usually have swiss which is 70 mg per serving or bocconcini which has 0mg , but as far as finding a low sodium cheddar , no luck.Please add on any tips,stores and products you like.

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    everything low sodium from barbeque sauce , soy sauce , tomato sauces and pastes , even an amazing unsalted pickle made by BG , tastes exactly like a regular pickle without all the salt , i was very surprised at how good these products tasted , Lum Talyors riverboat style sauce is great , i used it on steaks, it only has 10mg per serving and ive been told by people who arent on LS diets that its the best they ever had.

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      1. hey ... Food basics IE: metro A&P hasthere own house brand of canned tomatoes that are low sodium , there are not premium priced either.

      2. Anyone who needs a potato chip fix but cringes at the idea of getting 50%+ of their daily recommended intake from one lousy bag, try Kettle Chips unsalted. They come in a white bag and are widely available. I think the OP mentions them above but these are not tortilla, these are potato slices fried in safflower oil without salt.

        They taste like home fries and really bring out the goodness of the almighty potato. Simpler IS better in this case and IIRC correctly there is ZERO sodium in them and they're also very low in fat. I'm a salty-tooth but I found them to be still quite satisfying. As I said, more like eating fresh cooked frenchfries than chips.

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          i gotta look for those , also ms.vickies recently release an unsalted bag 0mg, its brown and i found it at walmart and no frills so i imagine there widely available.Theres also a company called terra chips , they have an unsalted line with lemon and herb , original and my favourite BBQ , i order these because ive only found there other types in stores.As for hot sauces there are some no sodium and really low sodium online but when im out of them i use original tabasco . only 35mg compared to say franks which is about 400mg , a few adjustments and you can use tabasco as a wing sauce mixed with melted unsalted butter and a little white vinegar .

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            Campbells also added some low-sodium selections to their soup line-up recently. I've tried a couple of them and they're not bad at all.

            As you mentioned, baking your own wings and using a home-made low-sodium dressing of some kind is also a great way to cut down, as most portions of frozen wings will give you 1000mgs of sodium in one sitting. I've found that buying actual wings from the butcher section is better value than anything else.. they're meatier and don't have the same heavy additives.

            You'll obviously want to avoid processed and deli meats like the plague, sodium and nitrates up the whazoo. I've made extra lean ground turkey my new friend. It can be easily pan-fried and curried w/ veggies and tossed onto some brown rice or into a pita.

            Also, if you're ever forced to eat at Swiss Chalet their white meat on a kaiser sandwich is extremely low in sodium compared to everything else. It bears the 'Heart Check' symbol if that means anything to you. I looked online at the nutritional info. to be sure though, and it was fairly low-sodium.

            If you're specific about it when you order a lot of pizzerias will reduce the amount of cheese they put on your pizza and you'll never know the difference in taste. However you'll half your sodium intake doing that. I think Pizza Pizza actually makes a point of mentioning that this is available.

            Good luck!

            1. re: 50firstdatesguy

              great tips! , funny you mention swiss chalet , i had some yesterday , quarter chicken breast has about 440mg sodium ,didnt have more then 2tsp of the chalet sauce, the whole container is 500mg(wow) plus there fresh cut fries only 45 mg sodium (dont add salt) , i also noticed the sandwich you mentioned , so theres 2 items you could buy if your stuck and cant cook , and trying to stay below 2000 mg of sodium per day, also another tip for pizza is to see if they offer swiss , fresh mozzarella,or bocconcini, .also go for a veggie pizza. I have yet to try the campbells new low sodium line , im going to pick some up this week.

              With alot of fresh ingredients and different spices you can still enjoy food you love with some changes , i still enjoy homemade burgers , homemade pizza , nachos , etc.... theres a great recipe book a friend bought me called 500 low sodium recipes, theres is everything from a soy sauce substitute to carne asada and even your own sesame seed hamburger buns , it can be found at indigo and its helped me out alot , the other day i made sesame seed pretzels with honey mustard dipping sauce , they were really good.

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                I called Kozliks today and found that the sodium content in their mustard is so low it's listed as "0" on the nutrient label

                1. re: jillybean38

                  wow wait a sec.. Whats Kozliks?? where can i get this low sodium mustard!?

                  1. re: hungryabbey

                    Kozlik's has the yummiest mustard and horseradish that makes your eyes water. They have tons of varieties at the St. Lawerence Market, but I also found out that Longo's carries the brand - not sure which flavours they stock.

                    1. re: jillybean38

                      so do they have like a normal yellow mustard or is it honey/dijon etc only?

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                            i take it you love your mustard? lol. so do i , here check these out ,

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                              haha yah, its a bit of a sick obsession . I try to cut down b/c of the sodium but its been hard haha oh that is such a perfect site, thanks!

        2. Whole foods has a list thats available of their entire inventory of low sodium food , just ask for it at customer service.