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Apr 6, 2008 12:46 PM

Chefs/restaurants in Seattle that "feel the heat"

Looking for restaurants in Seattle that feature dishes using hot peppers. Yes, searching for spicy food. Love 'em, but not really looking for hole-in-the-wall Szechuan, Korean, etc. places. Instead, hoping to find chef-driven places where the kitchen likes to like a little fire in the mouth.

Got a favorite dish to suggest? Or, even better, chefs/restaurants that offer several such dishes?


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  1. For something a little different, try the El Diablo dessert at Tango, which uses cayenne pepper and chocolate--its noticeable.

    1. Bicks on greenwood and 105th (I think) has a roasted habanero appetizer that packs some punch. It's been a while since I've been there, but I seem to remember more habanero based dishes along with that one.

      Thai Siam on 15th and 83-4th (crown hill) is about the hottest place I've tried in the city. The ask you if you've been there before if you order a 3. They only go to 4 stars, which is probably a 9 at most places.

      1. I believe Bick's in Greenwood has a a few fiery appetizers--and tons of different hot sauces. Not my kind of place particularly, but I know a lot of people enjoy it.

        1. Peco's Pit "Hot" with your choice of meat. This is a sandwich stand on 1st Ave only open during lunch hours. I love hot food and this was pretty extreme, a medium might be in order next time I go there. You should probably get the hot though, at least the first time.

          1. Great suggestions so far. Thanks. Just to clarify this, I'm looking for sit-down restaurants (not take-out) that do (or where the chef would be willing to improvise) a number of spicy dishes using hot peppers. Prefer non-Asian places (though I love them), as I'm not looking for places where dishes can be ordered according to a heat scale by stars, etc.

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              I would second Bick's then. Friendly and spicy food.

              FWIW, I would skip Tango since everytime I've been the awful service has overshadowed the ok food. And the "El Diablo" was not nearly as good as everyone talked it up to be.

              1. re: nseattlefoodie

                If you can find a seat the Jolly Roger Taproom at Maritime Pacific Brewery has some very good fiery food. The chef is hot foods fanatic so if you would like something especially hot just ask him.


                1. re: creo420

                  Creo, this is exactly the type of recommendation I'm seeking. Same, PAO, with Tango - if their chef can do other spicy dishes besides dessert. Any other suggestions, anyone?

                2. re: nseattlefoodie

                  Everytime I've been to Tango (and I was just there last week, with a guest from NYC, who loved it), the service has been fine. A local magazine recently featured the El Diablo as one of the classic restaurant dishes of the Pacific Northwest. I don't know of any other place where you can get a dessert that has some heat, which was the whole point of my original answer, althoughI for one, happen to like it. Perhaps others may be able to come up with other places.