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Apr 6, 2008 12:32 PM

Mylos in Greektown

Has anyone tried Mylos Greek restaurant in Greektown yet?

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  1. Yeah. I have. It is a really nice homey place. When you walk in you feel like it isn't really a resturant at all. It's more like a bar and during the day it can be pretty empty but the older woman who works there is really sweet. They have really good Gryos and you can order it with fries that are seasoned with old bay. The woman is very friendly and they love to see new people come in. My friend and I are regulars now and she gives us free cake. It's amazing.

    1. I drove past Mylos last weekend on the way to Chicken Rico and they had the doors open and you can see the bar and there were guys shooting pool. I'll have to check them out for lunch or something with my neighbor who is more "blue collar" like I am before I risk taking the Queen there for dinner.

      1. I used to live up the street and ended up there all the time. It's generally really good, if a tad inconsistent here and there. However, when even the pasta is made by hand you can't expect perfection every time. Things came out a little under temp a few times though (not meat temp, more like sides that had started to cool). I never had anything awful, and if something comes out and isn't quite right or wasn't what you expected, they almost demand that you allow them to remake it (even if it was your fault).

        Meat dishes are usually awesome (tender, perfectly cooked pork and chicken in the gyros), and the kontosouvli is amazing when they've got it. I'm living out of town for now, but on occasion I still crave the moussaka. My dad came along once, and ordered the dolmadakia for an appetizer. He ended up ordering them for desert, too. (A tad gluttonous maybe, but not the point.)

        While I haven't been there in almost a year, I remember being really surprised by how expensive some of the dishes were. (If you'll make me a grilled cheese for like $3 how can a chicken breast be almost $20?) Others were perfectly reasonable, if not cheap. A little random there... hopefully they've changed that.

        Ambiance is a non-issue here unless you're a blue-collar Greek guy that grew up with the other blue-collar Greek guys that hang out there. That said, the regulars (fixtures, more like) were all perfectly nice and while the wife might not be up for a game of pool, you won't have to worry about her when you go to the bathroom.

        When I used to go, maybe around 7:00pm, there might be another table or two and someone at the bar. Not sure if that's still the deal, but if you call they'll tell you.

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          I just called Mylos and the woman on the phone told me that it is just a bar and not a restaurant. Either things have changed, or the woman who answered misunderstood my question (she had a very thick Greek accent). I would guess that she understood the question - it was loud in the background like a bar.

          1. re: Whitemarshjohn

            Well, Greektown still has the "big Four"; Acropolis, Ikaros, Zorba's, and Samos, so with or without Mylos, Greektown is still the best destination for chowhounds in the city of Baltimore.

            1. re: elgringoviejo

              Greektown really does have good restaurants. Samos, Ikaros,Zorbas and Acropolis. They are all pretty reasonably priced too.