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Apr 6, 2008 10:12 AM

Best Pho in Newton/Waban/Needham/Watertown

Any suggestions for the best Pho in these areas?

Thx in advance.

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  1. about the former Pho Pasteur in the Atrium Mall? Name changed, but I think the food is still pretty good.

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    1. re: Science Chick

      I saw a few postings for this place. Will check it out.


      1. re: foodiefromfl

        The former Pho Pasteur in the Atrium is now called Le's Vietnamese Cuisine. The food is exactly the same as it was when it was Pho Pasteur. They even kept the old "Pho Pasteur" menus long after the name change.

        There aren't many choices for Pho, or any Vietnamese cuisine, in Newton, Needham, and Watertown. If you want more choices, you're much better off in Chinatown or Dorchester.

        The only other places I can think of in Newton that have any kind of Vietnamese food are Lam's (pan-Asian fare) and the new Bobalicious (bubble tea and banh mi). I think Lam's has a version of Pho, but it's definitely not an emphasis of the restaurant. Now that Pho Pasteur in Needham has closed, I don't think there are any places that serve Pho in that town. I can't think of any Vietnamese restaurants in Watertown offhand.

        So Le's is closer to the "only" than the "best".

        [By the way, Waban is a neighborhood (or "village") of Newton, just like Newton Centre or Newtonville.]

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          The Pho Pasteur in Hvd Sq is also now called "Le's"

    2. Needham has a pretty good place for Pho, called Pho Pasteur. It's tucked behind Harvey's right by the CVS parking lot at 66 Chestnut St. I would say that it is comparable to Le's Vietnamese Cuisine, although there are less choices in terms of the menu. Not as good of at atmosphere either, but if it's closer than Brookline, I would go there.

      edit: Just read another CH post that says it's closed!

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        Isn't Tu y Yo replacing the Pho Pasteur in Needham?

      2. This place is the BEST! If it's cold out, have a big bowl of Pho (clear soup with noodles, meat, greens...) or if it's hot out, have a Vietnamese summer roll and a bowl of Bun. The food is fresh, the sauces are made by hand by Mr. Le, and Vin, their son, will whip you up a fantastic martini at the bar. (Let him suggest something based on flavors you like...) It's a bargain, it's reliable, the service is fast and friendly, and the ambiance is really nice, especially in the back where it's quiet. What's not to like?

        Le's Restaurant
        300 Boylston St Ste 20, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

        1. To my knowledge, Pho Le in Atrium is the ONLY Vietnamese restaurant in the areas that you're mentioning. In fact, I am not familiar with a single Vietnamese restaurant in the Metrowest area, which to me is just unbelievable.

          Fortunately, Pho Le is pretty good, better than most Chinatown places in my opinion. Next town over from Newton, there's Lemongrass at Coolidge Corner. That place isn't bad, although I think I like Pho Le better.

          1. Pho and Thai in Waverly Square (Belmont, not quite Watertown but close) has some passable pho, and a terrific Duck noodle soup. It's our go-to because it's close to home, generally friendly, and pretty consistent. A bit pricy though.