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best eats near Fenway

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Love local cheap eats and good too unless there is something moderate to recommend?

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  1. cheap and good is El Pelon taqueria, many like Brown Sugar (Thai) and Tratoria Toscana.

    1. El Pelon is a good choice.

      1. Trattoria Toscana is a fabulous little italian joint, very reasonably priced, excellent food and friendly service.

          1. Ken Oringer's La Verdad is good and right on Landsdowne. They have great tacos. You can try 3 for $12 with the "loco mundo" plate. Per the waitstaff they buy the cojita cheese from JP markets to ensure a level of authenticity.

            1. Audubon Court, Game On & O'Leary's are all fine for bar food. Canestaros and Trattoria Toscana a step up.

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                It's Audubon Circle, which is actually the neighborhood that it's (and I'm) in, in case you're curious.

              2. My favorite before Sox dinner is Elephant Walk. They usually have a price fixed deal, $29 for 3 courses, $39 for 4 courses. It's not cheap eats, but is good and quite a deal.

                1. Good recs here. I also like the Greek Isles (a modest counter-service Greek place with a nice patio), Brown Sugar Cafe (very good if now somewhat Westernized Thai food), Rod Dee II (better, more authentic, cheaper Thai, counter service and a handful of seats), India Quality (excellent Indian, mostly Punjabi, but some other regional stuff), Cornwall's (respectable English-leaning pub fare, good beer selection). Woody's (good wood-grilled pizza, pitchers), Uburger (quality fast food, outstanding fries).

                  For a bit more money, Petit Robert Bistro (very authentic French food, not often crowded before games), Eastern Standard (big brasserie with French, Italian, and American options and superb bartending, but often a mob scene before games), Taberna de Haro (excellent, authentic Spanish food, great Spanish wine list).

                  Be aware that your options change if you're talking about Opening Day (or day games in general). For example, Trattoria Toscana isn't open for lunch.

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                    We are hitting a May Sat. night game at 7 so dinner is now out. Any great pre game late lunch early Supper spots for say 4 PM??

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                      Audubon and ESK will be open in that window.

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                        The Mission Bar and Grill in Brigham Circle is open all day. They have good upscale pub food and an excellent beer selection. Brigham Circle is a bit of a walk from Fenway, but it is definitely doable (figure on a 20-minute walk or so, as it is about 1 mile from Fenway, near all the hospitals).

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                          Elephant Walk opens early at 5:00 on the evenings when the Sox play, plenty of time to make to the game on time. The staff is very good about making things move along if they know you are going to the game.

                      2. Probably not what you are looking for, but I can't imagine going to fenway and not getting a sausage guy sausage, $5.

                        The other vendors don't compare. This guy is on lansdowne in a little cart. You can take the food in to the park as well.

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                          I tend to flip a coin between The Sausage Guy & Popeyes. I'd probably also include El Pelon if I still came from that direction, but now I'm always coming in from Kenmore side.

                        2. I always liked Sorentos. Not cheap, but in the end its about the same price as pub food and much better.

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                            Dan, that is so cute..I can take the sausage in..haa..do they serve wine in the park?