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Apr 6, 2008 08:19 AM

Walking Distance in Garden District

I am looking for a restraunt within walking distance of the Queen Anne B & B. These are the options the hotel lists...would you recommend any of them? If not, what would be a nearby alternative?
* Emeril's Delmonico's (Upscale Steak House)
* Zea's Rotisserie (American cuisine specializing in rotisserie chicken and pork)
* Hoshun Restaurant
* The Melting Pot (Fondue)
* The Trolly Stop Café (24-hour breakfast)

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  1. I'm going to New Orleans for the first time in a few weeks myself. Even though I haven't been there I wouldn't recommend the Melting Pot since that's a chain that can be found anywhere. Go to a unique place that serves up the creole/southern food that the area is famous for. Submerge yourself in the city and enjoy and save the chain food for when you get back home.

    1. Delmonico is very nice, but not exactly a pop-in-for-lunch spot. I'd head down to Magazine St before any of the rest of those, though Trolley stop is fine for breakfast. On Magazine, Stein's Deli is right at Jackson Ave, then down by Louisiana are several-- Joey K's, Byblos, Rocky's Pizza-- Lilette is a little past Louisiana heading uptown. And of course Commander's is right there on Washington in the Garden District.What do you consider walking distance?

      Oh, Delachaise is a little bar with great (non-bar) food, right on St. Charles just past Louisiana.

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        Delachaise is great- they open at 5pm I think, and server food very late- I think to 1am? Andi t's GOOD food, not bar food.

        Isn't the Trolley Stop closed?

        I noticed a new placed- West Indies Cafe- with outdoor dining at the St. Charles Athletic Club- they had live music and it looked like it had a lot of potential.

        As JGrey mentioned- If you are from NYC, you might have a different version of walking distance than us lazy New Orleanians.

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          My visiting parents went to Trolley stop over Easter to get their grits fix.

      2. You'll be near the street car route, so you should take that uptown to Carrolton & go to Jacques-Imo's on Oak. I would not recommend any of the restaurants your hotel listed. Superior Grill on Louisiana & St. Charles has great Margarita's, Dick & Jenny's on Tchoupitoulas & Napolean is a great, I heard Ignatius on Magazine has good "creole" food, The Acme Oyster House on Iberville in the quarter has the best poboys in town. The Columns Hotel on St. Charles near Louisiana has the best bloody mary's and brunch in town, Bluebird Cafe on Prytania also has a nice brunch, and Sulleys on Magazine as well.

        1. You should probably avoid Hoshun like the plague. Iv'e heard nothing but reviews of disappointment.

          1. I think it may be quite close to Surrey's for lunch, which is fantastic.