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Apr 6, 2008 08:17 AM


4th ave and garfield? noticed a sign and the lights were on, but nobody was home. bar? restaurant?

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  1. How 'bout an old-fashioned cafeteria?...Wouldn't that be something?

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    1. re: Mike R.

      That was the first thing I thought of, also, but I guess one has to be over 50 and have lived in NYC all of their life to get that reference. (third from the top)

      1. re: bobjbkln

        Well I qualify for the over 50 and life long New Yorker and I remember going to Garfield's (my friend's uncle owned it) and that other great cafeteria, Dubrow's on Eastern Parkway. Those were the days - I don't think anything like that exists anymore.

        1. re: bobjbkln

          To bobjbkin: Thank you SO much for the link to the picture of GARFIELD's! I've been searching all over the web for a picture of Garfield's Restaurant -- only found unfamilar looking Garfield's restaurants in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, (I think that's where they were). Maybe I just should have looked for "Garfield" -- without the S? (I notice there is NO "S" on the name of the restaurnt "marquee' in the picture.). I used to LIVE on Flatbush Avenue, right near Church I went to Garfield(S?) Restaurant once or twice. But I was very little then, and my parents hardly ever went out to ANY restaurants, cause my mom was, (and is), a great cook, so why go out to eat a lot when you can save money? (My "thank you" hint for giving the link to the pic: When we DID go out to eat, we had our meal at home, then went out for drinks and dessert! Still saved money that way!) ....................Now, If I can only find some links to pics of the INTERIOUR of Garfield(S?). I remember it was all done in medium red colour, with huge circles recessed into the ceiling, to hold light-bulbs. Dont recall much else. If anyone has a link to the INTERIOUR of Garfield(S?) restaurants, please list! You know, bring back an old-fashioned cafeteria might just be a truly big hit, in the 2000s! One that LOOKS like Garfield(S?) on Flatbush & Church Avenue, inside and out...............but which also features Horn & Hardart Automat type "window foods"? : )

      2. It's more of a bar/ lounge, the type of place that has large bald bouncers dressed in black, with biceps the size of tree trunks, and hip hop blaring from the speakers. I don't know if they serve food. The crowd that spilled out at 4 A.M didn't look like they were there to dine.