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Apr 6, 2008 08:00 AM

Cafe Paris ~Metuchen

I wanted to share with everyone one of the best lunches I have had in quite some time!! This place was fabulous! Cafe Paris is on Main Street in Metuchen, and they have another location in Cranford. It is so cute inside! I had (I know this sounds so boring) tuna on a delicious grilled roll with lettuce tomato and sliced hard boiled egg and you get a choice of either fruit salad, chips, or mixed greens, I chose fruit salad. My husband had a smoked turkey breast sandwich on same kind of roll as mine with brie cheese..delish!

My mother had crepes that were amazing!! As I watched other diners, all the meals looked better than the next! The owner is such a sweet girl who comes from France. She told us her and her sister own the Metuchen location and her mother owns the Cranford location. I would definately recommend this place over and over. I only wish we had something like this by us Monmouth & Ocean county foodies!!

Check out the link above, you can click on pictures too!

Well worth a trip!!!

I forgot tol tell you, I tried some of my husband's onion soup!!! WOW!! It was great, too!

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  1. Hey, Angelina,

    As you know, French food is our favorite, so I'm always glad to get a tip about a place we don't know about. Metuchen isn't that far for us, and it would be worth the trip if the food is as good as you say. Not that I would doubt you!! :-))

    I'm thinking dinner and looking at the menu, among the "*French* Gourmet Entrees," I see Spaghetti Bolognese and Veau Campagnol (grilled veal served in a fresh tomato sauce, topped with spinach and fresh mozzarella). Hmmmm... Also, just about *every* other entree is accompanied by either baked or mashed potatoes. Hmmmm.... That sort of puts me off. However, if the food is delicious, I'd consider that a minor negative.

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    1. re: RGR

      I actually saw a group next to us and someone had the spaghetti bolognese. Usually I NEVER order that out, but it looked really good. Of course, that table evryone was also "oohing and ahhhing". The food really reminded me of the times we are in St. Barth's. Naturally, the produce can never be as fresh, but I was quite pleased.

      As you, RGR, we our French foodies, too! This is a nice addition. I only wnet this once for the first time, but I am sure my next trip back will be just as good!

      Dragonguy, waht you see on the menu is better when it arrives at your table! Enjoy!!!!

      1. re: Angelina

        I presumed you would understand that I mentioned the Italian items because I thought it very strange to see them on the menu at a *French* restaurant. I was not implying that they couldn't be good.

        In any event, my guess is that you'll make it back there before we get a chance to try it. So, if you do, I'll be interested to see if you think the quality remains consistent. As you know, that consistency thingy is one of the major problems I find in far too many restaurants. :-))

    2. Angelina,

      Have never tried this palce, now I will...

      1. Angelina, thanks so much for posting your comments. This is a Metuchen restaurant I always forget about, even though I used to go there for lunch when I worked in the area. Always enjoyed it, especially because it was fairly quiet compared to some of the other area restaurants.

        I will have to revisit Cafe Paris the next time I'm near Metuchen. Did not know that they had a Cranford location so I have filed that information away too!

        Added in Edit: Sounds as if the menu may have changed quite a bit since I was last there.