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Apr 6, 2008 07:56 AM

Graduation Dinner in Baltimore


Looking for dinner recs for a graduation dinner in Baltimore. It will be 8 relatively unadventurous diners, including 2 vegetarians. Hoping for a restaurant that is not too expensive (approx.TH $30-50 pp), but still with a nice atmosphere. Henningers seemed like a good fit, but would like some more suggestions.

Thank you!

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  1. Check out La Scala $30-$50, maybe..maybe not.. but they have a nice menu an several "rooms" that might work...
    Also Vinny's on the east side has very good food reasonably priced
    Hull Street Blues in Locust Point might work also

    1. What night of the week were you planning for?

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        Saturday in May - my little sister is graduating from Loyola.

      2. I love Henninger's for drinks, but there is really only one veggie option on the main menu - the veggie pasta. I can't recall any veggie appetizers. The pasta is good (better than normal veggie pasta, but not spectacular), but if your veggie folks are looking for a few more choices, this might not be the place for them.

        As a veggie, I've been very impressed with Pazza Luna recently. They are very creative with pastas and there are several choices for vegetarians (including asking them to leave the meat out of something like the black pepper fettuccine - I had them leave out the sausage and it was still unique and the flavors went so well together). It is also a really nice space. Click on the stars on their website to see the menu.

        Pazza Luna
        1401 E.Clement Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

        1. I'd consider Kali's Court as I've been there specifically for a graduation dinner and it was a success. The atmosphere is nice, they accomodate vegetarians and it's a good Baltimore fit while still meeting the needs of your unadventurous diners.

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              someone recommended Black Olive for a party of 25. How is that?

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                FYI...this post orignally from last year...would have been nice if they "followed up"...

                Didn't see Black Olive mentioned here

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                Blue Sea is one of my favorite local restaurants. It has a lovely atmosphere and the food is quite impressive. The ceviche is wonderful. And, surprisingly, the short ribs are divine. They also offer a very rich crab and artichoke dip. The tuna tartare is very fresh. FoiGras

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                  Thanks. What about Gertrude's? My sister is looking to go to a seafood non chain restaurant.

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                    Gertrude's has a lovely atmosphere. The food is quite good, but not outstanding. They offer a variety of entrees and smaller plates. There is good fried chicken, pulled pork, portabella mushroom stuffed with crabmeat. But, I wouldn't actually categorize it as a "seafood, non chain restaurant." That is why I would recommend Blue Sea Grille or the Black Olive, and even Kali's Court. FoiGras

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                      thanks so much- which place has the best atmosphere

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                        At this time of year, Gertrude's would be the choice for atmosphere. The restaurant provides outdoor dining with beautiful foliage and water sculptures. Kali's Court has an outdoor seating area which is quite lovely, but it is near the street which has a lot of pedestrian and auto traffic. FoiGras