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Apr 6, 2008 07:30 AM

Who has best mac 'n cheese in Mont/Chester Counties?

Ideally I'm looking for takeout mac and cheese. We're having a party for families (kids and adults) I'd like to have mac and cheese in a crock pot. I've never been successful in making it myself. Any suggestions on where I could get some good stuff to go?

Since I brought this up I'll post my vote for the best mac and cheese I've had... not the takeout I'm looking for but fabulous. The Capital Grille downtown has a 'Lobster Mac n Cheese' that is out of this world.


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  1. I haven't had any excellent mac and cheese takeout, but this recipe from Patti Labelle is really delicious. You can google if you want to see opinions on it. It's not hard to make; just lots of different cheeses.

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      I just printed the recipe. Sounds great! Thank you.

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        Thanks for the link... 49 grams of fat... 28 grams saturated fat. No wonder I've never been successful in making it myself - guess I'm always trying for a lower fat version. Oh well, it's a party, right! Maybe I'll cut back a little butter... or buy it elsewhere and be blissfully ignorant about what is in it.

        Thanks for the other posts - either of these may work for me. Keep 'em coming.

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          In the end, I made my own based on this recipe but with some liberties. I was told I should be impressed as one very picky eater (he only eats Kraft made with the pouch) kept asking for more. Thanks for the link!

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            Glad it worked out. Yes, the fat content is high on the orig recipe. But it's not the type of thing one makes all that often, so what the heck!

        2. I've heard rave reviews about the Mac-n-cheese at LeBreaux's at the Overbrook train station (61st & City Ave?) but have never been... hard to find anything online, but I drive by there daily and I know they are open for business.

          1. The Paoli Hospital--Wednesday only. That's right. It's to die for. And don't leave without the tomato sauce that accompanies the mac and cheese.

            1. Abner's BBQ in Abington has really good take out mac n cheese.

              1. Blue Sky in East Norriton has great mac n' cheese. I have not been impressed with anything else there, but the mac n' cheese is worth the trip. By far the best thing on their menu, but pricey, so I wouldn't advise for a party. Worth checking out though if you are a mac n' cheese fan.