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Apr 6, 2008 07:24 AM

California Alambic Brandy

I have never had American brandy and am looking to buy / taste my first bottle. After browsing online, I have 'shortlisted' three California Alambic Brandy:
- Germain-Robin Fine Alambic Brandy
- Jepson Rare Alambic Brandy
- Osocalis Alambic Brandy

Any recommendations / suggestions?

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  1. All three are quite delicious. Germain-Robin was the brandy that got me interested in California Alambics, and -- even though I have several Cognacs in my house -- I always keep (and consume) a bottle of Germain-Robin on hand, too. It remains my favorite of the three, but YMMV of course.


    1. I just spent the last four days hanging out with the distiller/director of production for Germain-Robin. I tried a selection of the brandies and apple brandy (which I LOVED) and I thought they are all absolutely excellent. Expensive, but well worth it.The apple brandy, which is a bit less expensive, is so much bang for the buck that I now consider it a must for my home and office.

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        Uh . . .

        >>> The apple brandy, which is a bit less expensive . . . <<<

        From their sales website -- -- here are their prices:

        Germain-Robin Fine Alambic Brandy, $48*
        Germain-Robin Shareholders' Reserve, $72
        Germain-Robin Old Havana, $105
        Germain-Robin Select Barrel XO, $120

        Germain-Robin Single-barrel 100% Pinot Noir, $120
        Germain-Robin Single-barrel 100% Colombard, $129
        Germain-Robin Single-barrel 100% Viognier, $120

        Germain-Robin Apple Brandy, $65
        Germain-Robin Apple Brandy XO, $95


        * I bought this one year ago, and it was $39.

        1. re: zin1953

          I meant a bit less expensive than their top of the line old brandys he turned me onto that run for $120-$350.

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              I wish I had some of that apple xo here right now.

        2. re: JMF

          Yesterday I was curating the spirits collection for an exclusive country club in Westchester County, NY and ran across a bottle in the extensive spirits cellar with a water damaged label. The spirits inside the unopened bottle seem in perfect shape. I put up the image online because I couldn't figure out what it was. My friend the distiller/director of production for Germain-Robin recognized it. It's a very old bottle of Germain-Robin Shareholders' Reserve Alambic Brandy. I look forward to opening it for the clubs members (and myself, one of the perks of the job) after I publish their final spirits list.

        3. Thanks for the comments.

          I'll probably go with the Germain-Robin for a start. A few local stores are still selling the GR Alambic at sub-40 prices; I am sure it won't last too long.