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Apr 6, 2008 07:08 AM

Best Mex on 38th? (DEN)

I know it's quite the row; any recs? We checked out that new bistro Intrigue and were quite charmed (post on blog, link in profile), but I felt a little guilty what with so many promising-looking Mexican places around there. I know Jalisco has gotten some raves here—is it sitdown or counter service? What else? Not counting Little Anita's—I know people like it but I'd rather start with mom-and-pops.

Also, does anyone do sour-cream chicken enchiladas like you find in NM or is that not so much a Denver thing?

E.g., from Charlie's Front Door in ABQ:


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  1. P.S.—I'm also wondering about El Tejado on So. Broadway; some friends want to go for Sunday brunch. I'm thinking I can expect to have fun but I shouldn't get too excited. Am I about right? Totally wrong?

    Thanks again!

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      I've never had brunch there, but have had lunch several times. Good, not great, green chile. I like their crispy rellenos and the carnitas are also very good. I don't know why, but there have been Denver police officers dining there every time I have visited. Curious to see if that holds true for brunch.

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        I've always enjoyed El Tejado. The green chile is good but not the best. I do like the refried bean. My favorite is the pork roast smothered with green chile. Also the snapper or trout is very good. Sunday's they have a mariachi band which can be fun and loud or just annoying, depending on how you're feeling.

      2. We like Tacos Jalisco, especially for breakfast. It is a dine-in restaurant with limited parking. We usually end up parking on the street.
        We are going to be on that side of town tomorrow and I think that we will try El Tejado. Let you know what we think.
        Also you might want to try El Paraiso on Harlan St. just south of I-70. The entrees served on little grills at the table are really good.

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          Ah, thanks, do report back re El Tejado!

          1. re: tatamagouche

            Absolutely second the recommendation for El Paraiso (4690 Harlan St.). Their parrilladas and molcajetes are life-changing.

            1. re: gastronaughty

              Wow, now that I Google it, that place sounds terrific. Thanks guys!

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              1. TTMG- Being a former resident of Highlands we got to know quite a few spots with mixed results in that area but keep in mind my data is 2-3 years old now in most respects.

                Places to love:
                *The Original Chubbys- greasy and good institution for take out
                *Tacos Jalisco- I know it's blasphemous to say so but I prefer this place to
                Tacos de Mexico although it's really really busy and that can be a huge headache. It's sit down.
                *Los Carboncitos- homemade tortillas (huaraches) are fabulous
                *Jack and Grill on Federal is a keeper
                *Playa de Oro is a true gem too- Michoacan (sp?) styled food. great place for breakfast.
                *Rosa Linda on 33rd for posole and menudo
                *La Casita on 44th/Lowell for good chile and tamales
                *Taqueria Patzcuaro- data VERY old here but I loved it ~8 years ago ("why
                didn't you go back"?) I don't have a good answer other than the fact that I
                LOVE Jalisco.

                Places to avoid:
                *Julia's Blackbird on 32nd- I know a ton of folks love it and the food can be good and decidedly original in Denver where most Mexican menus are carbon copies of every other menu but I find the place irritating as the food is frequently bland, over priced and the service is consistently clueless and/or rude. I get the feeling the place is in love with itself.
                *Las Palmas on Federal (although they make a great brick-red salsa with a nice bite)
                *El Padrino on Federal near I-70. Wildly inconsistent. Multiple visits as I
                lived less than a block from here.
                *Luna's- unpleasant experiences!

                As far as your question about pseudo-suizas like you showed at Charlies.. I know of nobody serving something like that but I want to thank you for making me insanely crave something I can't have. You b@st!rd. I shorted out a keyboard drooling on it looking at that picture. I've had Enchilada suizas but they are delicate and basically a cheese fondue sauce on top of chicken/spinach enchiladas. This dish at Charlie's looks like suiza's just-got-out-of-prison tatooed cousin. I can just taste the mingling of chile and sour cream. good lord! gimmme!!

                1. re: e_bone

                  Got it! Thanks so much for this!
                  I'm on my way to NM and Charlie's this weekend, but I'm hitting Jalisco next week!