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Apr 6, 2008 06:19 AM

Breakfast in Lexington?

Well, this Worcester girl is moving to Lexington in a few weeks. We're really excited for the move, but are going to miss all of the great breakfast options in Worcester, especially the great old diners. We can still drive to Worcester for the fantastic ethnic options (though with Arlington, Cambridge, and Boston nearby we probably won't), but driving far for Sunday morning breakfast isn't really a regular option.

I've been looking and looking, and can't seem to find anything online about breakfast places in Lexington. We'll be about a mile from the center, 3 miles from Winchester and 2 miles from Burlington.

Suggestions? Nothing fancy (preferably NOT fancy), just good eggs, hash, and pancakes. If there are bagels and lox, that would be a major bonus.


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  1. I can't really anything in Lex that fits the bill. It's only a 20 minute drive to Watertown so the Deluxe Town Diner would be a good option. Somerville is also about 20 minutes away so SoundBites would good too. Other folks might know some good options in Arlington and Waltham but I'm not as familiar with those areas.

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      Broadway Diner in Arlington is decent if you don't feel like driving all the way to Deluxe or Soundbites.


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        Thank you! That is a sad, sad state of affairs. There is something great about rolling out of bed, throwing on sweats and going right down the street for breakfast on Sunday morning.

    2. Jimmy's Family Restaurant on Cambridge St in Burlington , Frannies on Swanton St in Winchester both are good, no frills, bring your newspaper, places for breakfast.

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        Oh, those should be closer! Thank you- will definitely check them out.

      2. Once you find the major side roads, you'll have direct routes to the neighboring towns. On Main St in Woburn are The Restaurant and a bunch of small places that serve breakfast. Also Hot Breads, a bakery with a mix of European, American, and Indian, including croissants and buns with savory Indian fillings. No sit-down breakfast, but the cinnamon swirl bread (best fresh and warm) at Great Harvest bakery in Lexington Center is sinfully memorable.

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          Here's what Winchester has to offer. I like the Swanton St. Diner.

        2. On Mass Ave in Arlington Heights (near the Lex/A'ton border) you might try the small, but pretty good Classic Cafe. Farther down Mass Ave in Arlington Center is Bagels by US which has a good, full breakfast and very good bagels. Farther down Mass Ave (closer to the Arlington/Cambridge border) you'll do well at the Arlington Diner. These are all 15-18 minutes at the most from Lexington. The Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown is more like 25-35 minutes from Lex'ton but well worth the trip on a Saturday or Sunday.
          The Somerville Soundbites is also quite good and worth finding near Tufts.

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            Sweet Sue's is also a cozy, warm bakery spot within a block of Bagels by US on Mass Ave in Arlington Center. They have some yummy treats but it is a bit overpriced and more upscale bakery than a true honest breakfast place.

          2. You must try the Swanton St. Diner in Winchester. They serve a great breakfast until 2:00PM every day. They serve a great selection of omelettes, egg dishes, hash as welll as a number of Benedictine style eggs too.

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              Gotta love those monks' eggs. Moving this weekend, so we'll have a chance to start checking these out soon! We went to our favorite local place on Sunday in Worcester (Shakers) to say goodbye. It was a sad breakfast filled with yummy scrambled eggs with kibbee and crispy syrian toast.