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Apr 6, 2008 06:13 AM

doll cake

i was assigned by my cousin in making the cake... her request is a bratz doll cake fairy inspired on a 8" diameter chocolate cake and 40 pcs cupcakes.i've been doing some research and found something to inspire me. then i come across a blog that has very cool design for a doll cake (check this is out: i was also able to experiment using a marshmallow fondant. it worked quite fine and im satisfied with the result. the thing this is, i am not quite sure how to assemble it. what will i use to make the "skirt" not lying flat against the "cake skirt". help!!! im going nuts in thinking about it... i need to know how it is done.. maybe anybody can help me.. please... thanks.

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  1. You might try searching for recipes on Recipezaar or Here's one I saw on Recipezaar:

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      thank you for the info, im going to consider this.

    2. Can you explain more about what you mean? It sounds like you're saying the doll's material skirt is in the way, but you just remove her clothes first, right?

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        hi hoping to make a cake skirt using fondant icing for a doll cake that wont lie flat against the "cake skirt" especially if doll pan is not available... pls check this link so you can have a clue :) link:

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          i have checked this site but i havent found the answer to my question there... :(

        2. Do you have one of the doll pans? It is very helpful. You bake the cake in a skirt shaped pan, with a skewer to cook it through. Then you stick the doll in (ideally, a doll top and a pick bottom, but if that doesn't exist for your particular doll, then just cut off the legs). But maybe you know those parts...

          I would lightly ice the cake (and parts of the doll to be covered) in buttercream. Then, you can lay the dress over. I think that if the fondant skirt is touching buttercream and cake for most of it, you could flute it out from the bottom of the cake without significant problems. But I'm not a fondant expert...

          1. I just did a fairy bratz cake, too. Must be popular.


            Disco dust/pixie dust will add a very easy and magical touch to the cake. (NOT the same as sparkle dust, shimmer dust, or luster dust. It's hard to find, but it's worth the search!


            I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about regarding the skirt. Are you talking about the petals overlaying the main skirt (Also featured in the wings)? Those are silk, and aren't edible. You certainly could make edible ones out of gumpaste and luster dust, but they wouldn't be translucent like those.

            Use the wondermold for the skirt part of the cake. If you're using a bratz or Barbie doll (as pictured) instead of a Wilton doll pick, you'll want to put an 8" round under the wondermold to make it tall enough. Those Barbie legs are too gosh-darn long.

            If you haven't checked it out already, go to for tons of great inspiration and advice.

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              nice cake... im going to try those next time... but the request is a bratz doll in a cke =( thank you though for the browsing it now and finding things that would help me in my project =)