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Apr 6, 2008 05:51 AM

A jar of Gefilte Fish for $8...What's up?

Checked out the latest round of prices at my local supermarket (I am in the northern suburbs of N.Y.C.) and noticed a Passover jar of Gefilte Fish (perhaps 6 portions with the broth) offered for $8. and change...Now I know that milk is up, eggs are up...have you checked ice cream lately? Our home cubbards are getting whacked! What's going on here...

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  1. it's difficult not to notice how much everything has gone up. Some things have crept up (bananas by 3c a lb) and others have jumped like crazy - bread for example. I am going to make my own gefilte fish next weekend but even doing that is horribly expensive with mixed white fish probably costing $12 a lb. I am mostly looking to make cheap meals these days but with teenage girls who are always dieting they sneer at pasta. I despair at shopping at the supermarket.

    1. $8 a jar or even $8.99 is the going price around here, and has been for at least several years...that said, I should call it the purported price rather than the stated price, because nearly all of the local markets put it on special around Passover, and you can get it for $4 a jar or so..sometimes even a bit less. Not great, but tolerable..

      for that matter, Safeway is a bit clueless about Jewish holidays, so they mark it down for ANY Jewish holiday, and I can generally stock up at around $4 a bottle around Yom Kippur.

      A few years ago we did a taste test of freshly made and bottled gefilte fish at one of my Sedars....those of us who grew up with the jarred preferred it, (everyone else preferred the freshly made, so clearly it is a childhood memory thing) and it was a heck of a lot less expensive than the freshly made (and would have still be cheaper had I paid $8 a jar for it).

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        Fill-tees at Stop and Shop in FFD County CT is $4.79 for Manny and $4.29 for Rokeach. A couple of jars are already in the downstairs fridge. And remember to get the good jellies and marshmallows before they sell out.

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          Dang, y'all (in NYC and SF) are lucky. In NC the GF is at least $8/jar with no possible price breaks. Plain matzah is approx. $16/5 lb. pkg. and the WW version (I'm acronym-crazy this AM) is between $4-$5/lb. I dropped over $100 on Passover shopping yesterday and that's without meat or matzah and we're only 2 adults and one child.

        2. If you think that's expensive, yesterday I was shocked speechless at a Kosher market in Brookline, MA. Gluton-free matzoh was going for $33.99!! Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you!

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            Holy $%*@!! No wonder my cousin who has a child with celiac goes nuts every year this time.