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Apr 6, 2008 05:12 AM

Have fresh halibut cheeks now what?

Just received some (8) fresh halibut cheeks. How do I cook them and why are they so expensive?

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  1. Forgot to add, I also got some fresh halibut filets and grouper filets.
    I want to roast the halibut but need guidance and grill the grouper with some simple seasoning (s and P, evoo and lemon).

    1. wow those must be huge ! I've had cod cheeks lots of times and just pan fried them the same way i would scallops.

      1. I used to work in smoked fish store. We would receive the fresh fish and process it on site...... Halibut cheeks, Yum!!! You have the most tender succulent piece of the Halibut. We used to take those for ourselves and cook them up for lunch when we were filleting fish. Season with salt and pepper and sautee in butter and EVOO. A little lemon juice or just as is. I usually treat them as I would scallops.

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          Sorry to revive an old thread - but I thought I could add to this one. I just bought halibut cheeks, and this advice above seems to be the wisdom - a little salt, hot pan, and quick saute, right? I see the reference to cooking like scallops... well, i've never done that :-/

          The fishmonger at my local market suggested perhaps 30 seconds per side, if that. Does that sound right? Using my stainless steel pan well pre-heated to avoid the fish sticking? (I don't have non-stick big enough)... EVOO + butter?


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            Yes, generally speaking. The less you do to them the better. Go easy on the oil and fat (I would choose just EVOO and leave out the butter). And don't overcook. Take them off the heat about 10 seconds too early.

        2. They are expensive because there are only 2 per fish and they are usually on the small size (you're not going to find many one pound cheeks). I like to saute them in a little evoo and then top them with a little pesto. Once you taste them, you'll understand why they are so prized.

          1. You are correct; they weren't large but they are approaching the cost of gold by the ounce ;o)
            I will do that. I think of pig jowls and all the gelatinous meat on that - same concept or leaner?

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              What other fish jowls are as good?

              1. re: itryalot

                Definitely leaner. I love salmon cheeks, too but those are nearly impossible to find. Tried to cut some out of salmon that we caught last summer and now I know why no one does it. Large ones are about the size of small scallops but they are soooo good.