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Apr 6, 2008 02:34 AM

Best Taco Stand in Tijuana.

I was recently visiting the Union-Tribune's web site and saw they had a video blog on street tacos in San Diego. I noticed they named Las Humaderas taco stand as the best street tacos in TJ and to my surprise I had actually been there a few years back. Here's the video article from the UT:

I have to agree that the mesquite charcoal really does add a lot of flavor but every BBQ aficionado knows that. I'd say the secret really is in the spices and verity of condiments offered plus they use land race corn (types of corn grown by native tribes in southern Mexico) to make those home made tacos. The corn flour just tastes different and makes for a really good taco.

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  1. I dont what the stand is called but it's on Avendia Baja California between Revolucion and Constitucion on the north side of the street in front of a hotel/brothel sort of looking place. I have been going to this stand for years and the tacos are great. Al pastor cooked on a skewer by propane, carne asada and tripas grilled on a greasy hubcap looking wok. One of my favorite memories there is when a local was eating tacos next to me. He dropped a large radish into the gutter and it splashed around in some brackish looking runoff. He wiped it off on his shirt and took a big bite. The cooked looked at him and said in spanish " Ah, a real man!"

    1. We used to go to a taco stand that was a block south of the Woolworth's where it is going down some stairs to shopping area and we have been going since the 60's, they have these incredible tacos..they would make me a radish, onion and bean taco for me since I didn't eat meat but dang it's still one of the best..they would grill a chile for heat and my Dad who would get his haircut in TJ would have the pork tacos that he says were the best ever..
      Gosh, I miss those days..

      1. Tacos Gordas has been a favorite of mine for years, down behind the open air market in the Zona Rio section of Tijuana. Standing there with others of similar condition, after the bullfights, trying to absorb an afternoon's worth of cerveza fria and tequila streams from a bota bag by eating piles of fresh, hot tacos of beef cheeks, the nighttime darkness punctuated by a steely light above the taco stand, is a transcendent experience.

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          Tacos El Gordo...Avenida Taboada Sanchez, near the Marketa Hidalgo. An outstanding Birria stand inside the Marketa as well.

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            any opinions on american counterparts - do the stand up to the original?

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              I haven't managed to make it to El Gordo in Chula Juana yet but I assume from the posts I've read that it lives up to it's Tijuana rep. I used to go to a taco stand in Tijuana out towards Playas that served not only great tacos but quail! Geez, I had some memorable visits there,

              My favorite taco stand in Baja, though, is Tacos El Yaqui in Rosarito Beach. Their "Perrones" are the tacos of dreams. They now have a stand in Tijuana on Second over by the cathedral. I haven't made it there yet but it's only a matter of time.

        2. i never knew the names of any of the taco stands we used to go to.
          there was one by my grandma's house though, by "el calimax" don't even know street names... and i loved their carne asada tacos. my mom loved their lengua tacos. gross... i could never bring myself to eat those. i tried to once, but just the thought of eating cow tongue, and the texture of it. can't do it...
          anyways, those stands are always the best. and their guacamole! mmm. so good!