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Apr 5, 2008 11:28 PM

japanese curry, oahu

seems i have a problem -- i'm becoming a curry house coco ichiban-ya addict. its so freaking comforting and, well, fried. from the chicken katsu with spinach and eggplant to the black squid ink curry, i really love it. and i guess i've never really had japanese curry before moving here, and i havent had it anywhere else yet....since curry house is a chain, and arguably fast food, i was wondering if this is the authentic article? fast food tends to be a bastardization of comfort grub, so how real deal is this? its tastes good (hell, tastes great!), but so does most fast food if you let yourself eat it.

so, wondering if you know of other japanese spots on the island that specialize in, or do this style curry well - or perhaps better.....mahalo!

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  1. I haven't been to coco ichiban-ya in years, and I can't comment on their curry, but all the Japanese style curry I have had/made myself has been with Golden Curry. My ex's mom is from Tokyo, and she uses it too. Just follow a basic stew recipe, but add a block of Golden Curry and you're good to go.

    1. "Kare raisu" is definitely Japanese comfort food - the kind of thing that Japanese boy scouts take on camping trips and that is served every other week for school lunch. I've only been to Curry House once, but I thought it was pretty standard (the beef curry, at least). As meleyna mentioned, it's really easy to make at home (recipe is on the box). I think that House and S&B (Golden Curry) are the two big brands, and you can choose mild or hot. Even a fancy Ohmi beef version I had in Japan tasted pretty much like any other Japanese curry. Try it out and please let us know if there's a brand you end up liking.