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Apr 5, 2008 10:46 PM

Birthday Dinner in Nadji, Fiji

Any recommendations? We're heading over there in July and I wanted to see if there are any MUST TRYs while we're there. Not to mention a nicer place for a birthday dinner?

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  1. Chef's Restaurant is the best in Nadi (which isn't saying a lot - Fiji is known for it's wonderful people, not so much for the food, but the fish is fresh!!...) If you want a view, Cardo's Steakhouse on Denarau. Do try kokoda, their version of ceviche or poisson cru, and hopefully you are getting out of Nadi to some outer islands. Makes me sad when people just go to Nadi & think they've seen Fiji.

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      This is so helpful thank you!! Anything else we should do while we're there? We'll be in Fiji for 6 days. I'm pretty sure we'll tour other islands!! We're also goind to Auckland and Sydney....

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        Go down to the Coral Coast and definitely take an island cruise through the Mamanucas - the 3 night Blue Lagoon Cruises are not super-deluxe, but they are fun and you get to see a whole lot more. The food is not going to blow you away anywhere, but stick with what's fresh and local and you'll be fine. I can't remember the name, but really enjoyed a green seaweed salad that looked and had the 'bursting' texture of good caviar - it you see anything like that, try it! Also, as an appetizer with before dinner drinks, they often serve chunks of smoked and somewhat dried coconut, which tastes better than it sounds.