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Apr 5, 2008 10:32 PM

Cuernavaca Taqueria, Ventura

On the Avenue in Ventura next to Airway Glass (which has a cool neon sign), there is a little taqueria called Cuervavaca. Order at the counter - tacos, tortas, sopes, gorditas, menudo on weekends, licuados, aguas frescas.

My friend and I went for a bite - I got quesadillas de champignones and she got menudo. Both were delicious. The quesadillas were on big thin corn tortillas with sauteed mushrooms, herbs, queso and sauteed greens. Tasty. I tasted both red and green salsas from the bar and both were good.

She liked her menudo, which was super tripey and without hominy. She said she would have liked at least a little hominy, but otherwise it was great.

The horchata was really nice - fresh homemade and full of spices. I didn't ask her about her jamaica.

Total was $17.

They have nice flatscreen TV with futbol on. The place was jumping on a Saturday night and is usually pretty busy.

It gets my two thumbs up.

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  1. We went back again with a friend and they raved RAVED about the tacos al pastor. I think they are 3 for $5. Check it out.

    1. When you say "it's on the Avenue" is that the street name? Would love to try it on one of my trips to Ventura but can you be more specific with location?

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      1. re: SilverlakeGirl

        That would be Ventura Avenue, which is is west Ventura.

        I have been back several more times and it just keeps getting better. They have 2 vegetarian tacos - one with strips of chiles poblanos and potato cubes, cooked on the grill with cheese til the cheese gets melty and crispy, and one with mushrooms and cheese.

      2. Good gosh amighty people, you NEED to go here. It is SO chowworthy. I have taken many, many people and they all rave. The Tacos al Pastor is an especial fave. And the flan is to die for.

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        1. re: Snackish

          Snackish..........Thanks to your original post we are now regulars at Taqueria Cuernavaca. In addition to the amazing small tacos, the tortas are fabulous. What a great little place!!

          1. re: mary c

            That warms my heart. Good people and good cooks deserve to succeed and I am determined to show the world the way to Cuernavaca. My friends have said they like it better than La Super Rica (which I adore) and I am inclined to agree.

            1. re: Snackish

              I've been twice now. The al pastor is really good. Everytime I'm in Ventura county, I make it a point to eat here.

              Thanks for the original post.

        2. Second that emotion.

          Taqueria Cuernavaca
          1117 N Ventura Ave, Ventura, CA 93001

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          1. re: maxzook

            After reading this post we went to try Taqueria Cuernavaca in Ventura, and we are more than happy we did. We found a small, nice, and very clean restaurant, with very good customer service. Everyone was very nice, and especially our server Rigo.
            We ordered street tacos de chuleta, al pastor and vegetarian, a milanesa torta, an Alambre, 2 quesadillas and aguas frecas. Everything was very, very good.
            All the salsas and especially a creamy green salsa they have at their salsa bar are excellent. The taco al pastor is by far one of the best I have tried here in So. Cal. The taco de chuleta (pork chop) was also very good with crispy chunks of meat, and the vegetarian with papas, queso and rajas was different and very tasty. The torta was good too. We had Agua Fresca de tamarindo and jamaica, they were both full of freshness and very flavorful. When we arrived I started by ordering the quesadillas and I was told that they were not making them yet, but just a few minutes later they were so nice and made some for us. They had various types of alambres, we ordered 'el fortachon', it was delicious with a variety meats, cheese onions and bell pepper, and served with warm tortillas.
            Thanks so much for recommending this place, I just wish it was closer to us : ( .
            We are planing to go back soon and often, the drive is not short, but it is a nice drive via hwy 126 for us, and it is totally worth it.
            I'll try to post a few photos of the to go menu so you can see other things that they offer, it is actually a nice variety of 'antojitos.'
            I was a little shy about taking more photos of our food but I will leave that shyness home next time and take more photos to share.

          2. I am trying again, since the photos are not showing in my previous post.

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              1. re: lvgoodfood

                Taqueria Cuernavaca
                1117 N Ventura Ave
                Ventura, CA 93001
                (805) 653-8052