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Apr 5, 2008 08:45 PM

How's The Weathervane in Saratoga Springs?

Hi all,

Passed by this place today. Looked cute and made me wanna go have some great seafood.

Is this the place to go for that?


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  1. Not terrible for fried seafood, little steamed lobsters, stuff like that. Prices are reasonable. It's a small chain, out of Gloucester, Mass., I think.

    Weathervane Seafood Restaurant
    3866 S Broadway St, Saratoga Springs, NY

      1. The Weathervane is a chain out of southern Maine. It is mediocre at best. Worst salad bar I've seen anywhere. Good fried fish.

        1. Yuck, worse than Dead Lobster. I would avoid it at all costs.

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          1. Weathervane: Plastic forks a nice touch for an "eat-in" restaurant.

            Best seafood around Saratoga area (excluding fine dining places) is KDs FishFry on Geyser Road - the road that ends/begins on Route 50 at the back entrance of the Spa Park (State Park) ...about 5 minutes away in a not-exciting shopping center. Ambiance inside is nicer than strip mall look (next to Puppy Love - my dog prefers KD's fish to the grooming at Puppy Love, which is always voted #1 in Saratogian). A few booths with fish-shanty deco...but we 90% takeout or summer outside at the one wooden picnic table

            Very fresh, fast fried - scallops are sensational, fish fry (I get without buns) big, tasty, terrific......prefer the chili sauce on the side.

            Have not found a reason to go beyond the scallops and the fish..quality fish, carefully prepared by owner - even though it is a "fish fry" place. Kids might like mini-hot just loves the milk does my partner.

            Homemade desserts might attract others ...I just focus on the fish.

            Fast service, small lines - in the summer others prefer the dreadful fish at the Miniature Golf and awful fast food place maybe 2 minutes further on the road.

            Also a center for gluten-free food information (not my concern, but it reflects a real interest in food, eating, enjoying)

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            1. re: Professor Saratoga

              Do they have a gluten free menu? I have a friend doing GF and would love to surprise him.....

              1. re: jspear

                You saw the note from EllieLA ..

                KDs also has peanut-free breadings for the fish - if requested.

                I did not know they had a website - Ellie - thanks

              2. re: Professor Saratoga

                Thanks everyone!

                Weathervane, no.
                KD's FishFry, yes!

                Sounds great Prof S. I'll let you know what I think when I go.

                Yes, JSpear. The main page on the website says they use no trans fat oil and have gluten free breading available, too. I have a friend here with celiac who will love knowing this too.

                1. re: EllieLA

                  I did go to KD's a while back. It was fabulous. No frills and excellent fresh fish.

                  Also wanted to add that The Weathervane just closed.
                  Here's why: