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Apr 5, 2008 08:09 PM

afternoon tea

I was wondering if there are places in Quebec City that does afternoon tea other than the Chateau Frontenac. Nice bakeries suggestions would be welcome as well. My girlfriends and I are planning on heading up for a long weekend in May. Thanks so much!

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  1. I know that the Queen E does one for about 30 bucks a person. Not sure if it is worth it or not (I've never been) but know it exists because I got someone a gift certificate for it. (To my knowledge, she hasn't been yet either.)

    1. Ooops please ignore--I did not read the "Quebec City" part. The Queen E is in Montreal.

      1. Hiya, here's a compilation of tea rooms throughout the province - there are a couple listed for Quebec City:

        I'd definitely call first to see what's offered in the way of "afternoon tea", which is a British concept probably not that widespread in the quite francophone city of Québec. :-)

        I'll have to let someone else help you out on the bakery front - or you might want to check out this thread, where someone mentions Pain Gruel on St-Jean as the best bakery (aka boulangerie) in the city. Have fun on your trip!

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          Whoops - sorry, forgot to post the link with the bakery mention, was comatose from sugar-shack overdose this afternoon.