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Apr 5, 2008 08:04 PM

Late Night Food and Fun in FQ

I'm coming to NOLA in a few weeks and plan on stuffing myself as much as possible during the regular 3-5 meals during the day. I'm also interested in exploring any bar type places that would serve food in the later hours (after 10). In this case I am looking for an establishment that is primarily about drinking but could accomodate large groups and has great bar food. I'm already obsessed with Coops but would love other (bigger) suggestions. We are limited to the FQ. Thanks!

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  1. Late hours: Mimi's in the Marigny (tapas).

    1. i would suggest yo mama's for burgers and club decatur for pizza. not sure how late either place serves food, but i'm sure it's pretty late. well after 10.

      1. Close to Coop's and great for late night fare is Angeli. Plus, it can give you a welcome break from the creole/cajun fare.

        1. If you head further down to Frenchmen, stop by 13 Monaghan ( The tater tachos are perfect for building your pre-drink base or getting your end-of-the night grease fill. Very reasonably priced too.

          1. I gotta say Mimi's as well....