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Apr 5, 2008 07:52 PM

substitute for (soy) yogurt in recipe?

We're vegan so don't eat regular yogurt and my husband is sensitive to soy so we don't use soy yogurt either. I substituted almond mylk with a tsp of apple cider vinegar for the soy yogurt called for in a new gluten-free, vegan biscotti recipe tonight and it crumbled to smithereens. Any suggestions for other possible gf,vegan, soy-free substitutions?

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  1. i just looked at some of your other posts and you clearly have experience with GF baking, so you already know that GF baked goods as a rule have the tendency to "crumble to smithereens." but maybe i can help you troubleshoot this particular recipe.

    i'm not so sure the almond milk was the culprit. i use it all the time - my GF baked goods are also soy-free and vegan.

    what were the other ingredients in the biscotti recipe?

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      In thinking about it, if I try the recipe again I'll reduce the amount of almond mylk and add some xanthan gum even though the recipe didn't call for it. The recipe contained: corn meal, corn starch, almond meal, maple syrup, sugar (I substituted 1/4 c of xylitol for half the sugar, as I've done in many other recipes), vanilla, oil, soaked and chopped dried apricots, baking soda, and the soy yogurt which I substituted with almond mylk & apple cider vinegar. They taste good, just too crumbly.

      1. re: lgss

        seems to me there are 2 issues:
        - the coarser texture of the corn meal/almond meal [as compared to more finely ground flours]
        - the absence of a structure enhancer [e.g. xanthan gum]

        i don't think you need to reduce the almond milk, just add the gum [personally i prefer guar].

        let me know what happens if you make them again - i'm curious to see how they turn out with modifications.

        1. re: lgss

          I know this is an old post, but in biscotti the sugar is one of the ingredients that binds them...I am guessing your culprit is the xylitol.