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Apr 5, 2008 07:34 PM

Has any been to il posto lately? southfield mi

The original owner of Il Posto moved away- right after winning HOUR Magazine restaurant of the year. I ate once - during the transition - and vowed not to go back. I see they got a 4 diamond from AAA. Are they good again? Or is AAA slipping?

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    1. re: kellycolorado

      I'm trying to keep your bump going. We were there in May or June and they were going through a big remodel and what looked like an expansion. The place was busy and I think they have a following with the older crowd...a little too snooty for me. What we had was good, not great, and a little pricey for my taste. We went with friends, who were treating, and I didn't want to order "up" as I'm sure the bill was high enough. I was just looking at and they had a $100 g.c. for $40, then it might be worth it. We also went to Cafe Cortina with the same couple and I would return there in a heartbeat.