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Apr 5, 2008 07:13 PM

best cupcakes in Bklyn??

anyone have suggestions

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  1. easy- little cupcake bakeshop on 3rd ave in bay ridge. We trek there from park slope whenever the cupcake need hits.

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    1. Cake Man Raven in Ft. Greene, especially if you crave red velvets

      1. I have yet to explore all of Brooklyn's cupcake offerings, but i did recently have some good cupcakes from Ladybird Bakery. The also make a good red velvet cupcake and a Brooklyn Blackout cupcake (I've never seen blackout cake in cupcake form before!).

        here's a link to a round up I did of the cupcakes at Ladybird:

        And there are more photos of their cupcakes in my cupcakes flickr set:

        Would love to hear about the places that you end of trying!

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          In my opinion the Little Cupcake Bakery is not worth a trek from Park Slope. I live down the block from them and don't care at all for their cupcakes. Their cakes, however, are delicious. They are on 3rd Avenue and 91st Street.

          Two Little Red Hens on 8th Avenue has great cupcakes.

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            Fyi, I just found out recently that the partners who owned the Brooklyn and the Manhattan Upper East Side locations of Two Ren Hens had an amicable split and the Manhattan spot retained the name and the 8th Ave PS location changed it's name to Ladybird.


        2. has anyone heard of sage bakery? dean and delucca carry their cupcakes which are, bar none, the best i've ever had. but even tho it says 'sage bakery, brooklyn, ny' i can't find them.
          tea lounge carries a cupcake by 'crumb' (i think) that is very moist and yummy. for me it's all about the cake and then some frosting. i don't like the ones that are all frosting and barely acceptable cake.