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Apr 5, 2008 07:11 PM

Good local food in Waikiki area?

I'm visiting family in the end of May for about a week. Its my first trip out as an adult with my son, so I've opted to stay in a hotel for half my visit so as not to be too much of a burden on my family. (Oh the crap I had to hear from everyone after I told them I booked a room.) I'll be staying at the Pagoda simply because its within walking distance from my grandparents. Is the restaurant any good? All I can remember about it is running around looking at the fish as a kid...

Anyway, I'm basically just looking for good, cheap, local food near where I'll be staying. My budget isn't huge since I splurged on a hotel room, and its really a family visit, not for sightseeing. All suggestions are welcome, but I'd prefer local food, as I get enough pizza and Mexican here in AZ. Good local food is very hard to come by round these parts. I'll be staying in Kailua with an aunt the rest of my time there, but someone pretty much posted the exact same thread already.

On another note, are there any more recent opinions on Stage? My cousin works the line there, and I thought it would kind of neat to go in for lunch, but I won't bother if its not worth the time and money.

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  1. well... pagoda isn't quite waikiki, but....

    right down the street is Like Like drive in. can't get much more local than that (for those of you who don't speak Hawaiian thats pronounced lee-key lee-key). if you want to walk a couple more blocks up to King St. there is Eastern Paradise, "Northern Chinese Food", which is really Korean Style Chinese. PhoMai Vietnamese is a few doors diamond head from there. There are a couple of good noodle places on Keeamoku, but more Japanese Style than local kine saimin. Gomaichi is one of the better ones, almost to Kapiolani on Keeamoku. A block up from LikeLike is Sorabol, which is pretty good Korean. If instead you go past Wall Mart, there is a place called Choi's garden that has been recommended in here, but it is a little hard to find.

    I have not been to stage, I understand they have a new head chef. People seem to like it. Have a great trip "home"

    1. Check out Imari, a Japanese bento place, on Keeamoku (across the street from WalMart). They make your bentos to order, so it might take 15-30 minutes, but it's well worth the wait. You can enjoy your bento at the Ala Moana beach (not too far away!)
      The chicken karaage and croquettes are tasty.

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        Glad to hear that Imari is still around. Back in days of yore, one had to enter through a hair salon, and wait for a table amongst the old-style hair-dryers (you know those giant bell-shaped things that were attached to the chair?) for a table. Food was very good, though the total experience was very funky. Have not been in decades, but did make them for several years.


      2. Thanks to both of you!