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Apr 5, 2008 07:09 PM

What should I make with all these vanilla beans?

I bought a package of vanilla beans on ebay- they smell heavenly, and after giving a bunch away and making vanilla sugar, I still have a lot left. I'd like to try a recipe that really showcases them. Any recommendations?

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  1. To your favorite plan yogurt add vanilla bean seeds and create a heavenly fresh version.
    When I make vanilla sugar I add three broken pods to a lb. of raw sugar and use in all sorts of recipes calling for a sweetner.
    Add vanilla bean to fruit juices and to juiced ice cubs for cocktails
    Naturally any recipe calling for vanilla will be greatly enhanced by the REAL deal.


      Teriyaki("Polynesian" Style)!!!!


      Vanilla pudding

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        Fresh vanilla enhances any homemade ice cream! How did that one slip my mind :)

      2. Ice cream and creme brulee as suggested by other hounds are great ideas.

        You can also make vanilla butter or cream cheese for your bread and bagels.

        1. Send them to me! I just paid $12 for ONE organic vanilla bean. I never thought about buying them on ebay.

          Definitely ice cream!

          Or a vanilla cheese cake or even a pound cake!


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            Geg, I just bought 10 very nice vanilla beans from Costco, for about $10 (maybe $12, but no more than that. Cant remember exactly.) They came in two glass test tube looking packages and say Rodelle on them. I don't remember seeing Madagascar or any other fancy descriptions on the package (that I've since thrown away) but I usually just make creme brulee with them, so I don't need anything amazing. I haven't used them yet, so I can't attest to the quality... but for about $1 each, why not?
            I have no plans of making anything, but last time I bought 1 vanilla bean 1/2 the size for the same price. So, I saw them near the spices and thought it was such a good deal I couldn't pass them up.
            Each beach is about 8 inches long.

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              Okay, found it. This is exactly what I bought at Costco for about $10.

            2. If you want a cake to use up vanilla and show it off - try this one (assuming that they copied the recipe correctly from Cooking for Mr. Latte - but I would guess so since two blogs posted it the same way). It is from the Hi-Rise Bakery in Cambridge, MA. I especially like the ends.

              I usually am a bit more restrained in my use of vanilla beans. My favorite use is these butter cookies (I use 1/2 a bean per recipe):