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Apr 5, 2008 07:07 PM

salt and pepper shakers

Being that I am in the biz. I would have never thought a simple question would cause such a great debate.But alas I was wrong. So here goes If i have two shakers one with 2 holes and one with 4. what goes into each?? and why??

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  1. Most people use more salt so that goes in the one with four holes. I'm assuming the holes are the same size? Some people put uncooked rice into the salt shaker to keep the salt from clumping, that may be why they don't just make the salt shaker holes bigger.

    1. I would say that since salt is finer, 2 holes for it since more would come out and 4 holes for the pepper since it is much bigger and not such comes out.

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        That's what I'd think, too. Too much salt is a problem. When it pours out quickly, you're in trouble. Usually pepper doesn't spill out. Even if the holes are big enough, you still need to shake.

      2. Salt has less openings than pepper. See photo

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          thats three for salt in the two holes pepper in 4 holes and one for the opposite thanks guys.

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            I was raised to put the pepper in the container with the fewer holes, the salt in the one with the most -- if you're in a humid environment (as I am) then you need the extra pathways for what inevitably become clogged (not so much now with everything under central a/c). The second reason was to prevent those with tender palates from dumping out too much pepper on their food.

            I say: do what makes you happy.