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Apr 5, 2008 06:57 PM

Big Booty Bakery

Has anyone else been to Big Booty Bakery on 23rd street between 7th and 8th? I walk past it a lot and finally went in for the first time about a week ago. So far I've had a croissant, a cheese roll, and brought home a loaf of whole grain bread - all *delicious* (though I suspect that may be because they add what tastes like about a pound of butter to each bite). Has anyone tried their soups or sandwiches, and are they as tasty as the baked goods?

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  1. I just so love the name!

    1. I had some pastries from Big Booty when they first opened and they more than passed muster with Colombian friends. I remember something that was stuffed with dulce de leche that was delicious. I would definitely be interested in hearing about the sandwiches...


      1. Their cheese rock is my absolute favorite snack, but I also find their sandwiches to be quite tasty: I usually switch off between the hummus and red pepper and the "HAT" (hummus, avocado, and tomato). Their cupcakes are also fantastic (not-too-sweet frosting), and the acai smoothie is good, too.

        Ah, I love Big Booty.

        1. Their Italian Wedding Soup is awesome!

          1. Haven't had the soups or sandwiches, but I love that place. My girlfriend threw a Cinco de Mayo party for my birthday last year and we ordered Red Velvet cupcakes, corn/corn & cheese arepas and a HUGE Tres Leches sheet cake from them. All of it was delicioso and they were a pleasure to deal with. Sometimes, if I'm in the neighborhood, I 'll stop in and get a round bun that has Nutella inside. Perfect breakfast bun or snack!

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              I am hoping to try their cupcakes and their buns when we visit NY in March - does anyone have a website address for them - i tried to google it but got loads of results that were not related to baking!!!