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Apr 5, 2008 06:54 PM

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding caterers in North GA, South NC

I'm planning a wedding for the end of June in Dillard Georgia and I live in Missouri so as you can imagine, this is a difficult task. Some of my family lives there and they have given me the name of two places that are good. Billy's Country Cafe and the Dillard House. I haven't found anything online about Billy's, but I've read some not so great reviews of the Dillard House food...I'm hoping to find a good restaurant for the rehearsal dinner on Saturday night and I also need to find a good caterer for the actual wedding on Sunday.
If you know of ANYTHING that can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
We'll have a relatively small wedding party and we are up for anything. Since I know more about the area, I'd like to have some good southern cooking...but honestly, I'm up for anything.
Thank you SO MUCH for your help.

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    1. Jenn- congrats on your upcoming wedding. I used to live in WNC and ate at the Dillard House several times 'lo these many years ago.... it was always a good spread. I mean, you know it is not haute cuisine, but delicious nonetheless in a pretty setting. I'm sorry that I haven't eaten there recently to give you a more accurate response. I wonder if there might be any reviews on tripadvisor you could check?. I hope you get more responses to your question!

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        Thank you so much for your reply. Having been down there to visit numerous times, I know it's not a "mecca" for food...but I have had some yummy southern cooking down there.

        If you think of anything, let me know. We just need to have something figured out by the end of April.

      2. ooh- that's a tough one. I was living up that way until about a month ago, and it's a culinary wasteland for the most part, at least on the GA side. On the NC side is Highlands (14 miles from Dillard), and it's a swanky little tourist village full of Atlantans getting away from the big city.

        Over the Dillard House (which is pretty blah to me) I'd recommend The Stockton House in Clayton, The White Hall Inn ( or maybe something in Highlands, where you can find some lovely restaurants (Cyprus (, Wild Thyme or On The Verandah).

        I'd also look to Highlands for a caterer... but I have no recommendations.

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          I've eaten at the Stockton House and it was VERY tasty!!! Thanks for reminding me!
          I don't know much about the White Hall Inn and I've been reading about Highlands. I'll have to check out those places.
          Thank you very much for your help.

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            I would second the Highlands recommendation, if you don't mind the short drive. "swanky little tourist village" seems the perfect description. We like an Italian restaurant there called Paolettis. There seems to be SO much money there, I would expect a plethora of caterers.

        2. jennbass...Great caterers in the area: Lisa at Frog and Owl out of Franklin, Duncan at Valley Cafe in Dillard. The Dillard House stays busy due to family reunions. Check out the Lake Rabun Pavillion for the reception - gorgeous! Some folks use Isabelle's in Tallulah Falls or the Tallulah Grill for catering. Also, Andi in Lakemont does beautifull calligraphy and can even direct the wedding. Billinglsy Garden Center in Mountain City is wonderful to work with for garden type arrangemnts...ask for Gail. Morris Penland has a stretch limo service in the area. If you call the chamber of commerce at 706-782-4812 they can send you information. Some wonderfull B and B's in the area. If money is not an issue and you want a rustic feel look at Chota.

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          1. re: gailoder

            Thank you so much for this!
            I thought I had found a caterer, but she got booked in the mean time!
            You've given me more info than I've been able to find in almost 2 months!

          2. Sorry I can't help with any suggestions for the rehearsal dinner. There is a caterer in Asheville that services the Highland area. It may be worth checking out Elevations: