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Javan-What else to order besides the kabobs?

I hear the kabobs are great but what else should not be missed?


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  1. The combination appetizer platter is good. It'll give you a sampling of a couple of good apps, plus the greens, which are delicious with a little bit of feta and some of their lavash bread, all wrapped up.

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      How do the kabobs and rices compare to Shamshiri's?

    2. Funny! I never get the kabobs. I'd ask you what kabobs I should start with.

      I prefer their polo (rice-based) dishes and their stews. The Zereshk, Albalo, and Shirin Polo are outstanding. For the stews, I love their Gormeh Sabzi and if you've never had Fesenjan then prepare to have your life changed forever. You must have the Fesenjan -- rich, tart, complex. Amazing.

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        There is no reason to get a kabob at Javan. They are available at scores of other restaurants. Follow Frommtron's and my advice: try the fesenjan (chicken with a ground walnuts and pomegranate sauce), zereshk polo (chicken with sweet and sour currants/saffron rice) or the shirin polo (chicken with orange zest sauce and almonds).

        I also love the combination platter with 5 salads and appetizers which include the best stuffed grape leaves I ever had.

        Their website with menus:


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          I heartly agree with your assessment of Javan. I only order the app combo platter with the grape leaves and it's enough food. The kabob was just dissappointing.

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            I totally agree on the grape leaves. Unusual and outstanding.

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              Out of the numerous middle eastern places in that area, which ones would have the best kabobs? Marinade would be extremely important. How do Shamshiri/Shaherezad/Sunin/Javan compare? Has anyone tried Mizban on Santa Monica?

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                Flame. Plus the bread is the best.

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                  I agree about Flame having the best kabobs and bread in general, but also enjoy Javan's lamb tenderloin kabobs. Love Javan's fesenjan and ash joe (bean-lentil-veggie-yogurt soup) too.

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                    Yes! Stews (maybe even rice), belong to Javan while kabobs and bread go to Flame. Couldn't agree more.

          2. I second the fesenjan followed by the gormeh sabzi. While kabobs are sort of considered Iran's great contribution to world cuisine, the former two dishes are what I consider to be far more complex, unique signature dishes that foodies would appreciate and go back for.

            1. My friend and I both had different stews when we were there, and both were very good.

              1. Javan has excellent kashk o' bademjan, which is a eggplant dip served as an appetizer. I think it's one of the best versions served at any of the Persian restaurants on the Westside.

                1. Thanks for all the replies although I did not get them in time. Anyway, I had the chicken soltani which was very good (not as good as I have had elsewhere (Raffi's(?) off Brand Blvd. in Glendale) but very good). I had it with the Polo Shirin (orange zest and almonds in nice fluffy basmati rice) We did start with the appetizer sampler. I agree with those who raved about the dolmeh. Very nice with a sweetish, nuttiness to them. It also included Shirazi (Persian Salad-diced cucumbers, onion, tomatoes, parsely in lemon juice and vinegar), and nice spicy homemade pickles. This was accompanied by lavash, 1/2 a plate of fresh herbs, and yogurt sauce infused with mint and cucumber) Since we had a large party, I tried other's beef tenderloin and kobideh (spiced ground meat) kabobs. I heard the lamb was excellent although I didn't get around to it. I tried the rice with cherry bits which was also interesting. All in all, everyone liked it although only 1 or 2 were familiar at all with Persian food. Oh, I had the Persian ice cream-saffron and rosewater flavored-very strong. I liked it but others thought it was like eating a bar of soap.

                  I would definitely go back and try the stews and other appetizers. In fact I plan to.

                  1. Tried Javan the other night and was blown away! As promised, the fesenjan was a life-changing experience, a bit like the first time I tried real mole. The dish was every bit as rich, complex, and tart as Frommtron promised. As I was enjoying the food, I actually felt my taste buds shooting little jets of saliva in approval.

                    I also ordered -- and loved -- the kashk o' bademjan as tracyb suggested. At one point, I noticed the chef had neglected to remove a price sticker from a chunk of eggplant. It was kind of gross in retrospect, but didn't phase me for a second last night. I just plucked it out and kept stuffing my face.

                    The only thing I didn't really like was the grape leaves. Not that they were poorly prepared, there's just something about the warm, slightly sweet taste of grape leaves in Persian restaurants that I've realized I just don't like. Other than that, the dinner was truly outstanding, and I can't wait to try the other stews. Thanks for the tip, Hounds!