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Apr 5, 2008 06:02 PM

Fishmonger in Newton area?

We've recently moved to Newton and have yet to find a decent place to buy fresh fish. Anyone have a good recommendation?? Thanks

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  1. if you don't mind a bit of trip, captain marden's in wellesley is excellent (off Washington Street,over a little bridge (maybe Kingsbridge road?). otherwise, try whole foods on washington street in Newton, next to Marty's Liquors.

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    1. re: teezeetoo

      I second Whole Foods. They usually have a decent, fresh selection.

      1. re: purple bot

        try and support the little fish place at the corner of dalby and watertown street (rt. 16) in nonantum. not sure of the name but the guy is helpful and its good to help the small places. and get sausages at DePasquales, up the steet at the same time! the best,

        1. re: hyde

          It's called Steamer's, and their quality is fantastic.

    2. Whole Foods is the closest and pretty good, there's one on Beacon in Newton as well as Washington but it's smaller. The Legal Seafoods on Rt. 9 in Chestnut Hill has a retail fish counter which would also be good quality.

      Further afield: Mardens is good, the WF on River Street in Cambridge has great smoked fish in addition to the usual WF selection (they smoke it in the store), and New Deal and Courthouse in East Cambrige get consistent praise from Chowhounds.

      1. I'll be the naysayer here. Just be careful and give a sniff test to anything you get at the Washington St. Whole Foods. It seems more than half the time I bring home seafood from there it's really past its prime. Lots of broken & dead shellfish or smelly trout or sole. Buyer beware and all that.

        As for the little guy on the corner of Dalby & Watertown Street, I've had good luck with lobsters there. But I've only been once.

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          That would be steamers? Correct? if so I have had real good luck.

          1. re: Northstar22

            Yes! That's the name. I've been sitting here all morning thinking "Shuckers? No. Scuppers? No. Scallops? No." THANK YOU.

          2. re: Scruffy The Cat

            I haven't had problems with WF but I generally buy scallops, fresh shrimp, and fish that looks fresh to me (salmon, char, tuna, haddock, bluefish, makerel, sardines). I've tired of steaming mussels/clams and shucking oysters at home, and I've been turned off most trout because of the clear goop it's often shipped with, I almost never buy sole or cod - just personal habit.

          3. Wolfes in Brookline has very nice fresh cut fish. I know it's not in Newton but it is close enough and really fresh and delicate.

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              i've had bad luck at both Steamers and Wolfes so maybe its the luck of the draw I've never gotten bad fish at Mardens or at Courthouse.

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                not to be picky, but in case anyone is looking them up on the net or in an old fashioned phone book, I believe they spell it Wulf's. It's on Harvard in the Coolidge Corner/JFK crossing area.

              2. What happened to the place that used to be behind the corner of Elm and Washington in West Newton near Blue Ribbon? A friend's dad used to always get his fresh seafood there though admittedly, this was almost a decade ago.

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                1. re: avial

                  That was a former additional location of Captain Marden's. I miss that place too. That Newton location is now closed, leaving only the one in Wellesley.

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                    That was the original branch of Captain Marden's, which unfortunately closed several years ago.