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Apr 5, 2008 05:49 PM

American Regional favorites?

I have a cooking club coming up, and the theme is American Regional favorites? For example, New York style cheesecake, New England clam chowder, Key West Key Lime pie, Southern Fried Chicken, Maryland Crab cakes, Texas BBQ, Philadelphia Cheese Steak, and so on.

What I am asking is if you can list more regional favorites. I would like to look over the list then pick what I will make. I know I cannot think of all of them. So what do you know is a regional favorite?

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  1. Here are some more I can think of.

    Chicago Deep dish Pizza
    New York style Pizza
    Chicago hotdogs

    1. Boston Baked Beans
      Louisiana Jambalaya
      Cinncinatti Chili
      Maine Lobster Rolls
      Rhode Island Chowda (the red stuff)

      I am sure there are many more, hope this helps with a few.

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      1. re: Jimbosox04

        I made an error here, the R.I. Chowda is clear broth, Manhattan is Red OOPS

      2. Southern pecan pie
        New Orleans gumbo
        Ky. pool hall chili
        Tex Mex
        Ky beer cheese
        Monterey Jack Cheese
        KY. Hot Browns

        1. Upstate NY red hots, white hots
          Buffalo beef on weck
          NM green chili stew
          Birch beer (Philly area I think)
          Taylor ham (NJ)
          Big belly fried clams (MA)
          Connecticut style lobster roll (butter not mayo)
          Steamed soft shell clams
          NY clam chowder
          MD soft shell crabs
          SC She-crab soup
          Peanut soup
          Ohio Amish baby swiss cheese
          Scrapple (PA)
          NC pulled pork BBQ
          NC bay scallops
          Hoppin' John
          Florida grouper
          California abalone
          (I guess I'm getting a bit general here now)

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          1. re: steinpilz

            The Ohio Amish also have trail bologna and fantastic shoofly pies.

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              Beef on a weck - Buffalo's much better gift than chicken wings.

              1. re: KevinB

                I made one for dinner last night! My bakers, bless their little hearts, made me a couple. I hadn't had a beef on weck in at least 20 years, and it was so, so, so good! I even cheated and used bottled (Heinz) au jus gravy and it was still divine.

              2. re: steinpilz

                Big belly fried clams, YES! But I would not recommend the OP attempt to make these at home, even if she could get fresh Ipswich clams in DC, which is doubtful. Even here it takes an expert hand with a Fryolator to get them right.

              3. Fish tacos are a regional favorite in So. California.

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                1. re: Paul Weller

                  Excellent, keep them coming everyone!