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Apr 5, 2008 05:46 PM

La Paz, Baja

We are headed to La Paz and looking for good street food and restaurants. Any suggestions?

Craving deep fried tacos.

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  1. I've never heard of fried tacos, but Rancho Viejo in La Paz has great tacos (the arrachera and al pastor are the tastiest). They also do very good breakfasts for a very reasonable price. If you like gorditas there is a fast food place in the food court at the Soriana and it has great gorditas. Not a lot of street food along the malecon, but a few block up you should be able to find a few stands. Hope you enjoy La Paz!

    1. Les Tres Virgines was one of the best meals we had. I'll get the address and phone number from my journal. Have a great time!

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        Sorry, I completely forgot. My journal is in the bedroom and don't want to disturb OH..will find info tomorrow.

        1. re: mincepie

          The address for Las Tres Virgines is
          Madero 1145
          Esq Constitucion
          Tel # 612 165 6265

          Club El Moro is on the malecon and has a small cafe...but the best breakfast!!
          If you have a car Todos Santos is worth a visit for lunch.
          Hotel California good and Santa Fe deli on backstreet has a lovely outside area and excellent food.

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            If you decide to come to Todos Santos let me know and I will be happy to give you suggestions - I live in Todos Santos. As I have posted before, the best tacos in the world IMO are to be found at Bismark on the Malecon in La Paz - smoked marlin tacos hmmmmm. And yes, I agree, Tres Virgenes is the best in la Paz.

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              My wife an I are thinking about spending this winter in La Paz. . Do you know of any organic health food stores or resturants in that area?