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Apr 5, 2008 05:43 PM

Best Breakfast Buffet (Las Vegas)

Nancy and I will be in LV starting this Friday (Apr 11th.) We have all of our meals planned (& I will report back) except for breakfast when we arrive at 8AM. I generally don't care for buffets (overeating is one reason) but we are thinking of a breakfast buffet which will hold us until our dinner at Nob Hill. Has anyone tried a breakfast buffet recently? I have had good experiences at Bellagio before. I have also eaten at the Sunday buffets at Mandalay Bay and the Four Seasons which I was happy with although I believe both of those were Sunday only spreads. Cost and location are not an issue. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. I hate buffets and my 2 favorite places for breakfast in LV are Bouchon at the Venetian and Downtown LV at Binion's downstairs..for $4.99 you get a huge ham steak that is the size of the plate with 2 eggs, hash browns, of the best and that should last you till dinner..
    Wynn has the best buffet in town..imo

    1. Not a Buffet But Huge Portions, The Peppermill

      Peppermill Inn
      2985 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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        We just ate here on Saturday, fantastic. My daughter and I shared the fruit platter and still took some grapes home for later and still left fruit on the plate. It is huge. My other daughter had the biscuits and gravy, not bad at all. Husband had the french toast and couldn't finish it. A side of bacon had was 10 slices. Very good and such a neat place to dine in. (the surrounding area left a lot to be desired, saw a syringe in the parking lot.)

      2. ive only eaten at 2 breakfast buffets , at harrahs and at the mirrage, both were excellent many choices,harrahs build ur own omlet staition was great, enjoy ur trip ill be there on may 2nd

        1. We were in Vegas recently and ate at the Paris buffet and the Bellagio buffet for breakfast. Here are my reviews of both - the Bellagio review also includes a Smackdown! comparison of the two buffets.

          1. Le Village at Paris hands down. The wait is worth!