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Apr 5, 2008 04:55 PM

One night in Providence, RI

We will be flying into Providence and spending one night there from California on our way to Boston. What would be the one spot we should not miss? There are four of us: DH and two college students. Would prefer some place casual and under $25 per person for entrees. Thanks.

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    1. re: Ichewonthis

      I second Red Stripe for good casual.

    2. Thanks for the recommendation for Red Stripe. What are your favorites there?

      1. Dim, what day of the week are you visiting?

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        1. re: invinotheresverde

          Flying in on a Wednesday evening (arriving about 8:15 PM) and out on Sunday afternoon (flight leaves at 4:00). Spending the first night at a hotel in either Warwick or Providence (still have to finalize the res). At this point probably spending the nights in between in Boston but could change to Saturday night in Providence if there is enough draw to warrant moving out of Boston a day early.

        2. i registered simply to put my two cents in here and possibly to piss some people off as everyone seems so fond of red stripe. the menu SOUNDS great, the food LOOKS incredible but the food is absolutly tasteless or tastes terrible...

          i have gone back over and over again because its cute, nearby, and and i doubt myself every 5 months...could it really be so bad. it is. i mean its edible, but it never ceases to shock me how they can make such a great looking burger, or salad, or house made pickle taste like nothing or in the case of the house made pickles, the flavor is so far off the mark.

          places i would reccommend: korean on benefit street in the old solomans market. you feel like you are sitting in someones strange livingroom, it is truly an odd little place that is not very well known, it is some of the best korean food i've ever had, and i have lived in nyc and la.

          la laiterie At farmstead-- is definatly close to being too exspensive but it can be great, especially if you like cheese ambiance is great and has an unusual menu. farmstead is one of the best cheese shops in the country. their beer list is bizarre and unpronouncable, if you like fancy beer check it out

          julians on the westside- a true providence place, funky creative food, good for vegitarians, outstanding deserts

          thats off the top of my head. this is a great food town, don't judge it by red stripe.

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          1. re: ninadora

            Individual Red Stripe experiences aside, I say Julian's (or Nick's) is a good call.

            If you want a good pre/post dinner walking around neighborhood, then maybe not as much----then La Laiterie (Wayland Square) or even Blaze (Hope) would be better.

            1. re: ninadora

              yes yes YES absolutely agree re: Red Stripe. always so disappointing despite the enormous overall appeal. if OP has only one night in PVD, forget about Red Stripe. Blaze isn't much better in terms of food taste either.
              Julian's' or Nick's would be nice choices. If you have a car during your few days' visit here, head to Andrew's Bistro ( it's about 15-20 min. from the hotels in PVD and you will be amazed at what you find hidden there. (don't look for pre/post dinner walk there but it's just so comfy and cozy inside, food and atmosphere.
              )enjoy your visit!

              1. re: madgee

                I'll agree w/that on Red Stripe....I give it another shot every 6 mo or so and wonder why I haven't yet learned my lesson.....the latest time was a grilled cheese w/pear that was way too greasy....the thick bread was almost translucent it was so loaded w/oil.

            2. suprised no one's suggested atwells ave & federal hill - cali was way ahead of us in nouveau cuisine and bistros - what's to be had at red stripe that they haven't been enjoying for 20 years already? (not that it's bad - just that we've got an italian - hell, portuguese, too - background that most states can only dream of.) on the hill - mediterraneo, zooma, siena & constantinos would all be winners.