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Apr 5, 2008 04:43 PM

ANY GREAT WINGS in Niagara Falls ON?

We're getting desperate...well at least my husband and kids are. They love great wings and want to find some in Niagara Falls ON. Usually we travel to Mossimo's in Fonthill, but hate the service and staff so much we are willing to forego the great wings. Can anyone recommend something really good and worth going to???(and don't have to wait for an hour to get served??)

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  1. Not so sure about eating anything in the Falls, even wings! Honeys in NFNY is well-known. About the same drive for you as Fonthill will get you to Handlebar Hank's or the Elbow Room in Welland, both excellent.

    1. If you're that close to Buffalo, why not cross the border and get some wings at the Anchor Bar?

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        Maybe because the Anchor Bar's wings are severely over-rated? Honey's are way better.

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          Regardless, my point is merely that it seems logical to cross the border for wings in Buffalo, rather than search for anything comparable in Niagara Falls, which is only a hop, skip, and a jump away. No need to start a battle of the wings.

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            I used to think this way too but tried some for the first time in years recently and I've realized one thing, if you're looking for Buffalo-style wings in Niagara Falls, NY, or Buffalo, NY, you really can't go wrong. If you're looking for something other than that you'll get lots of answers.

            My fave wings at the moment are the slow smoked wings from Dinosaur BBQ who finally opened up in Buffalo last Valentine's Day, La Nova's pit-finished bbq wings are also good. For Buffalo wings? Duffs, Honeys, Gagsters, Mr. Bs, Imperial Pizza, La Nova, Anchor Bar...all deliver the goods.

        2. In reply to toopicky about Mossimos......

          I know what you mean about the service... I waited an hour and fifteen minutes for my pizza and wings, eat in, and I had THREE little kids with me on my own. No apologies, not a word. Haven't been there since. I was not impressed. It is good but not worth that!

          1. Oh my gosh. SOMEBODY"S has some of the best wings I've had. It's in Ni. Falls. It actually might be spelled sumbuddies or something 80's cool slang like that. Wonderful blue collar bar. It's the kind of place you will see ladies sporting a "claw" style hair cut wearing very tight pale faded blue jeans with oversized thighs. The gentlemen generally carry hearty pot bellies and work for the weekend. Neil Young and Dire Straits will at some point be played on their loud jukebox.

            About the goods.... the wings come in a checkered wax paper basket. Nice crispy hot wings with a perfect small town wing hot sauce. Very reasonable too. It's the kind of place that would definately have a wing night. I must also mention they are popular for their pizza's which are very yummy as well. They have these flatbreads too which are worth trying, especially if you like lot's of steak/chicken topping with lots of pizza toppings but a little less cheese and no tomato sauce. I had one. It was in between a pizza and steak sandwhich. Very inexpensive for what you get. Whenever I am in the Niagra region on vacation, I opt for Sumbuddy's rather than the overpriced fancy wine resto's. Not to disappoint.

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            1. re: food face

              Thanks for the help. If I'm thinking of the same place, Sumbuddies (sp?) is on Thorold Stone Road in Niagara Falls ON? Exactly the kind of place we are looking for, (really not interested in going over the river NFNY just to eat.). It's actually not too far from our home, we drive by it all the time and have never given it a second thought. We're going to try it out, next time out and we'll let you know . Thanks for the input, looking forward to giving it a try!

              1. re: toopicky

                toopicky, That's the place, definately on Thorold! I'm very excited to hear how you like it!

            2. Sombody removed a scathing post about the Elbow Room in Welland, but I just wanted to report that I was there on Monday night and had outstanding wings and pizza, washed down with copious amounts of OV draft. One order of the wings was called "B's Wings", which were simply deep fried with no sauce, then tossed with Montreal steak spice. They were a revelation.