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Apr 5, 2008 04:09 PM

Don Mills and Lawrence - Any Ideas?

Hello! We are taking my Aunt out next weekend for her 76th birthday. We don't want to have to go far for her sake. She just moved to Don Mills and Lawrence and we don't know the area. Any recommendations for a Saturday lunch? Thank you to all who reply.

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  1. congee queen is right @ donway and lawrence ... awesome chinese fare!

    1. I guess it really depends on what kind of food & atmosphere she would like. High Street Fish & Chips, if she likes that kind of thing. It's quite nice, decor-wise, and the food is also very good. It's on Underhill, I think, near Lawrence & DVP. Marvellous Edibles is at Laird & Eglinton, which is not too far, either. The Keg is on Leslie, just north of York Mills.

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      1. re: Full tummy

        I have the perfect restaurant for you
        Anthony's at the former Don Mills Plaza.
        Corner Don Mills and Lawrence.
        Decent food, a very good variety of dishes, and your aunt might feel like a youngster.
        She may even be the youngest person there, besides yourself.
        They cater to seniors.
        Very reasonable prices.
        White tablecloths, and very friendly service.
        Personally I detest Congee Queen, and their MSG laden precooked, and refried foods.

        1. re: erly

          haha I am all for feeling young! Sounds great we will look into it, thank you.

        2. re: Full tummy

          mmmmm marvellous edibles, I know she talks about that place. I think she buys me massive muffins from there come to think of it! Will have to check these places out thank you!

          1. re: missmouse

            I ate lunch there a few days ago, and I have to say the sandwiches and sweet potato fries were all excellent. I also had a divine banana-coconut cream tart for dessert. Very nice place, fairly small, not too noisy, and the food and service left me wondering each day since if I can get over there for lunch, again!

        3. i don't know how fancy you want to get but there is a family style restaurant called Valley Fields on Lawrence not too far East of Donmills.

          1. Try Mongolian Grill on Don Mills btw Lawrence and Eglinton. It is a AYCE make it yourself stir fry with some buffet items. If you know how to cook, pick the items a la buffet style and give it to a guy to stir fry it on a big ass flat top right in front of you.

            Congee Queen already mentioned is good, same with High Street fish and chips. Got to have the mushy peas at High Street if you are really British.

            Couple of Japanese places just north of Lawrence on Don Mills on the west side. Can't remember the names...

            There is also the venerable David Duncan House, one stoplight north of York Mills, on the west side of Don Mills. Expensive but good.

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            1. re: Rickshaw

              The David Duncan House is terrible. Their menu reads as if it has not been changed in 50 years, and the execution is awful. Everything is overcooked and smothered in goopy sauce. Stay away.

              1. re: Rickshaw

                Mongolian Grill would be a good choice.....

              2. The Prince Hotel at Don Mills and York Mills...has 2 or more good restaurants...Katsura is Japanese and you can sit at a hot table and the chef cooks in front of you..or there is also a good Sushi Dining room....elegant Hotel...good service....Miranda

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                  haha, just checked out David Duncan House menu, can't speak to the quality, but definitely an old school menu -- I mean, what restaurant in this millennium would have not just Steak Neptune, but also Chicken Neptune on their menu... Then again, could be the greatest Steak Neptune in the history of the world...

                  I like Island Foods, on Don Mills by the way, they do a decent jerk chicken with nice quality chicken, and at a great price.