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Apr 5, 2008 03:46 PM

Best Barbecued Brisket EVER!

I grew up on brisket back East, but in my 10 years on the Mexico/New Mexico and Texas border I have never had brisket like Mo'z in El Paso. If you prefer lean and drier brisket this aint it, but if you like wet marbled crunchy and crisp; you will lose your mind. The pulled pork was sadly a bore, though cooked perfectly. The pork ribs were perfectly seasoned but dry. The sausage was terrific, as was the sweet potato pie. Service was great and the sides were all perfect. Because they are a smaller joint it might take more than 2 visits to establish infallibility, but twice now the brisket was perfection beyond my wildest dreams. They are on Fred Wilson (right off of US 54 North) and sit next to a terrific hand-washed car wash so it's a must stop in. The last time I was this jazzed by a food, it was after a Nobu chef's tasting menu on Hudson Street in New York City. Wowsville!

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  1. Tillzen,

    Have you been to Smitty's Market in Lockhart, TX. I know it is very far away from your current location but most people swear by their brisket (I am one of them and I smoke meats all the time). They (and most other would agree) have the best barbecued brisket ever!

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      Tillzen, I would like to agree with LewisvilleHounder in that Smitty's does indeed have some of the best brisket around. For my money, Louis Mueller's in nearby Taylor, Texas is even better. Be advised that if you must have sauce with your BBQ that many of the Lockhart joints take a purist stance. Kreuz, for instance, will not serve sauce, period, even if you ask. Smitty's will if you ask for it.

    2. Great post! Always looking for new "road trips" for brisket. Wife and I will be in El Paso next month.

      If you are ever in SE TX you have to hit Kirby's Smokehouse in Montgomery, TX. Great brisket and links in an IceHouse type of setting (I rank it right up there and also smoke my own brisket and ribs). Always consistent...we stop by on the way to College Station for football games each weekend. Always packed to the rafters!

      1. If down south of Houston, try Red River in League City. One of the Best I have had and I usually try to hit several on Texas Monthly Best Barbeque List

        1. What is up with this place? The website says that they have two locations. We tried to call and visit the one that is allegedly on the 9800 block of Montana. Not only do they have one number and the person who answered at Fred Wilson said that they have one location, they said that they didn't have a website!
          We went to the Stateline instead and it was awful. Made the evening doubly disappointing!

          1. Lived in El Paso 30 years. Best brisket in EP is Smokey's Pit Stop in El Paso. Thick, sweet, tangy sauce. Lovely. Try the one on Viscount. Can't lose.

            Smokey's Pit Stop
            9100 Viscount Blvd, El Paso, TX 79925

            Pit Stop
            556 W 1st St, Groveton, TX 75845

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              I'm really not a fan of "thick, sweet" sauce. How's the meat without it?