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Dim Sum San Diego

China Max, Jasmine or ?

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  1. China Max is ok, but I prefer Pearl, in Rancho Bernardo.

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      I second, I prefer Pearl as well.

    2. Don't forget Emerald - cart service & good selection.

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        My #1 choice out of the 3 main dimsum's on Convoy is Emerald. Jasmine is a bit more expensive and I don't find the quality to be that great and China Max is hit and miss each time i go.


      2. We prefer Emerald, too. The last time we were at Jasmine, carts never seemed to make it to our row of tables and the ones that did were mostly empty. The few dishes we did get (har gow, shrimp rice noodles, char siu buns) were good, but we never did see any pork shu mai. We left hungry and sad and wishing we had gone to Emerald.

        1. Betweem Jas and Max, I choose Jas, I like the carts. At China Max, you order Dim Sum from a menu, it is not nearly as fun, or diverse.

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            I've only been to Jasmine and Pearl and Pearl is slightly better.

          2. Really, really thank you for your comments.

            I searched the board and did not see any recent recommendations for dim sum.

            So, if I wanted dim sum and Peking (Beijing) duck, where should I go?

            1. I'd suggest Pearl in Rancho Bernardo, maybe Jasmine in Convoy. If San Diego and Dim Sum are your requirements, that's what you'll probably like the most.

              On a tangent I've never had Chin's in Miramar's Dim sum but had their authentic Chinese breakfast on the weekend and enjoyed it. What's weird is they have so many different menus on the weekend but only one is special for a weekend lunch. If you like authentic Chinese, I'd recommend the Taiwanese style tofu milk (warm soy milk with slightly sour chunks of bread and onion, awsome =) ), and any other Chinese breakfast fare. I really like their Wuxhin spare ribs too.


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                Oh! Do they have other Taiwanese breakfast items? I would love to take my mom there if they do since we miss having breakfast in Taiwan.

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                  I'm sure they do but I'm not good at that kind of distinction. We did go with two Chinese friends who ordered some great stuff - I love Chinese food but I can only order from an English menu or by memorizing the names. I ate Chinese food from childhood but someone else always ordered, and my Chinese is fairly basic. They did have fried bread dough (that long brown bread) and pork subways - I forgot the Chinese names for them. If you can remind me I'd love to know!

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                    The fried bread you're talking about is called you tiao and is delicious with hot soybean juice. :) I would eat it all the time in the morning.


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                      I was at the Dumpling in recently and I saw a family order the fried bread.

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                        I think they only sell the normal fried bread (the short rolls). I've never had youtiao there!

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                        Chin's on Miramar serves a Shanghainese(the Manager told us mostly a combination of Jiangsu and Zhejiang) style breakfast - they have Youtiao - they also have Shaobing-Youtiao also....youtiao in a shaobing. They also have "fried bread"(the Chinese name escapes me at the moment) The 5 spice beef is pretty good, though sometimes dry...they also have stuff like Ci Fan Tuan.
                        My Mother-In Law loves the Suzhou-style Smoked Fish, she says it's the best she's had since they left China.
                        Nice varied menu, but not everything is particularly good - the Xiao Long Bao is terrible, as is the Niu Rou Mien.

                        Chinese breakfast served only on Sat-Sun.

                        Chin's Seafood & Grill
                        9355 Kearny Mesa Rd
                        San Diego, CA 92126



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                          Ah. Thanks so much! I am going to have to treat my mom to some shaobing-youtiao for mother's day. :)

                          Ah! Just noticed the Ci Fan Tua in your 2nd post. I love those.

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                            Thanks so much for the info! You know, I actually heard about Chin's Chinese breakfast first from your review and suggested it to my Chinese friends who then took us. Synergy at work. =)

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                            fried bread/twin crullers aka yao tsa guai (in Cantonese). also good w/ jook.

                    2. Both Emerald and China Max are good. China Max is steam-to-order so no cart; one cannot see before you order. Emerald is more fun and reminded me of old Hong Kond dim sum restaurants. My American co-workers love to see the carts being pushed around and able to see the food before ordering.