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Apr 5, 2008 03:26 PM


I'm sure it's been asked before, but the search function has failed me. I cannot figure out how to force it to search just for "appetizing" without also bringing up "appetizer" which just absolutely kills the signal-to-noise ratio.

I want to give a bagel brunch like I grew up with after an upcoming morning event.

Is there an appetizing store in OC/LA? Besides Barney Greengrass, where the prices are so high that it would be cheaper to have things overnighted from Russ & Daughters?

(For those who don't know what an appetizing store is, it's where you get all the stuff you need for a bagel brunch besides the bagels -- cream cheese, "salads" (egg, tuna, eggplant, etc.), smoked fish, olives, pickled herring, cheese, halvah, glace fruits, caviar, etc.)

I can certainly chase around finding all of these things in different stores -- but if there were an appetizing store I would choose that instead.

If not, it's OK -- but a one-stop shop would be nice.

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  1. there was a homarus store. does elite market on pico carry most of these things? It's not a true ny "appetizing" store...
    also, i think there are dairy restaurants that have good to go sections. suggestion: post on the kosher board (and get the sturgeon somewhere else).

    1. I guess I've been too sheltered. I grew up in New York but have never heard of an "Appetizing Store". Wouldn't some of the older, larger delis (Canter's, Nate & Al) have most of the things you'd need?

      1. Maybe a Noah's NY bagels?

        Probably a few places like that in West Hollywood or North Hollywood

        1. How about a place like Whole Foods or Bristol Farms?

          Or maybe a 99 Cents Only Store? Depending on their given selection at any one time, you'd probably be able to find most of the items on your list save the caviar. I've even seen individual sized package of smoked salmon in their refrigerated section a few years back.

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            Gelson's has all that stuff, and it's one of my favorite service delis, if you're gonna go the market route.

          2. as someone how grow up with having appetizing every sunday, i think you should give the packaged smoked fish at whole foods a try. of course russ and daughters is my favorite but in desperation i bought sable and salmon at whole foods with excellent results. maybe do a test run to see if you like the stuff.