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Apr 5, 2008 02:28 PM

Innovative Drink Menus

I will be in NYC for a few days and am looking for new and creative drink menus. Any suggestions?

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  1. Are you interested in the cocktail menus of speakeasy-like joints?

    If so:
    PDT (great spot, fried food on the menu like waffle fried, deep fried hot dogs NJ style, very experimental style with some fat washed bases)
    Death & Company (no reservations, but a nice, extensive menu, lots of small places, several drinks use scotch as a base, I like their Applejack based cocktails)
    Tailor (it's a restaurant but there's a bar area downstairs, very inventive, there are 'solid' cocktails on the menu)
    Elettaria (it's brand new, have heard that it's taking some time to hit its stride)
    Pegu Club (not all that new, though)

    You may enjoy this blog: http://nrnstandardsandpours.blogspot....
    The author often visits NYC bars known for their cocktail programs.

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      Nice list....good coverage no matter what your scene is.