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Must try side dishes and fave bread baskets

What are your favourite side dishes and bread basket currently served in the greater boston area?

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  1. I went to Excelsior during restaurant week, and they had a spice bread in their bread basket that was incredible. I also really like the bread basket at Henrietta's Table.

    1. L'Espalier's fig bread (not really in a basket, but...) and french bread from Petit Robert

      1. I always like the bread basket at Capital Grille, I also like it at My Place in Rockport.

        1. The Turkish bread and the bean salad they serve as a free appetizer at Brookline Family Restaurant in Brookline Village.

          1. Have really liked the bread basket at Sel de la Terre. Some of the steakhouses such as Abe & Louie's and Capital Grille also do good ones.

            1. I like the bread basket at Upstairs on the Sq (Zebra Room).

              For side dish, I like the collard greens at Muqueca in Cambridge. They do an amazing job with it.

              1. My favorite side dishes are the green beans at Eastern Standard, and the brussels sprouts at Green Street and Washington Square Tavern.

                1. I think Harvest in Harvard Square is overrated as a restaurant, but the bread basket never disappoints. Last time they had an assortment of four kinds of bread, including a traditional baguette, cornbread, and something resembling Irish soda bread that I had to physically move away from me so I wouldn't eat it all.

                  1. I'm a fan of the baked beans at Soul Fire. They're cooked in a sweetish sauce with bits of pulled pork mixed in. Not that fond of their mac & cheese, though, it's bland and boring.

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                      Don't forget their collard greens.

                      I like the onion rings at Smith & Wollensky and Bartley's. Agree with the B. sprouts at Green St. Mac n cheese at Ivy is pretty good.

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                        Yes...do not forget that...lol.

                        Soulfire has great collard greens...not as good as mine, but great nonetheless. ;-)

                    2. I recently tried the mac & cheese at the Metropolitan Club in Chestnut Hill and thought it was outstanding!

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                        I agree- last week a group of 4 of us split the mac & cheese as an app at the MetBar in the Natick Mall. It was $6 for the 1/2 portion and very good. The burger bar is fun too- I can't get over the cute presentation of the fries that come out in a cone. And the sweet potato fries are addictive, a must try!

                      2. I really like the bread basket at Masa- varying types of butters and spreads- though the entrees are rather disappointing